Nadine Somers / Press

"On Glen Mitchell's current CD Nadine Somers helped out with the backing vocals"

John Keir, Country Music News and Routes

"Nadine was a knock-out...She stole the show with a performance that will take some equalling let alone beating!"

Johnny two left feet - Up Country Magazine

"Nadine Somers returned for a second dynamic display..."

Colin Blanchard - Southern Country Magazine

"Nadine has fantastic presence, Country's own "Spice Girl", Nadine Somers"

Ron's Rodeo, Sussex

"Nadine herself has, to the ears, the best female voice in British Country music... Two encors lay terstiment to a night that will haunt our memories"

The Viking, Sussex

"Plenty of audience reaction to Nadine's chatty and lively personality"

El Dorado, Harrow

"She'll go far, what a star..."

Molly - Newbury, Southern Country Magazine

"The lady's Country vocals where quiet simply superb"

The Viking, Sussex

"A class act...Nadine must be the best vocalist on the Country circuit..."

Boot's and Blisters

"Nadine had a strong voice and didn't try to sound like anyone famous"

Anita Iddon - North Country Music Magazine

"She is a little Miss Dynamite moving and dancing to her music...with her slightly husky yet true country voice..."

Gerda - H Bar C, CMC

"The club was packed to the rafters as Nadine's vocals got things going...the dancefloor was jammed solid all night"

Mustang - Ford Prison Social Club

"Nadine came into her own with a gusy, gritty '455 Rocket' and displayed the range of her glorious vocals"

Wrangler - Littlehampton

"Absolutely brilliant"

Val, Crowborough

"Miss Dynamite of Country...two standing ovations said it all"

Phil, Smokey Mountain CWC

"A full house enjoyed Nadine's voice and her lovely personality. This is a young lady who is going places"

Country Cousin, Armadillo, Norfolk

"Classic Country voice, and stunning looks..."

Jill Douglass - Linedancer Magazine

"A great character, so animated...a treasure of a night"

Pony Express, Herts

"As usual the performance was faultless..."

Diane and Dennis - Tulsatime, Kent

"A lively, happy stage presence that rubs of on the audience"

Little Willies's, Essex

"There was hardly enough room to sit down and ended next to the entrance..."

Earl Binns visits the Riverside

"This bubbly young lady entertains the dancers and listeners alike"

Allyson Chambers - North Country Music

"Every song was superb...no airs or graces"

Chief Sasku - Pony Express, Herts

"Nadine, who is a complete nut-case on stage..... we all love her"

Chad 'Corntassel" Smith, Deputy Chief - Hastings Shade

"Nadine not only has a great Country voice, but is stunning looking and presents her self very well"

Emma Wilkinson - Linedancer Magazine

"Nadine, who is Shania with Dolly's voice"

Jill Douglas - Up Country magazine

"Nadine did an excellent version of Cowboy Sweetheart - good yodelling"

North Country Music Magazine

"Nadine Somers is fantastic"

Diamond Jack - Duo

"Nadine's bubbly personality, sense of humour and strong vocals..."

Dixie Bells, Sussex - Southern Country Magazine

"...She remains one of Britain's most talented and popular Country entertainers"

Front cover feature - Southern Country Magazine

"Nadine delivers with so much passion, she is a great singer"

Tim Ruzgar - Official Reviewer - Linedancer

"I think she is world class"

Sean Kenny - Linedancer

"I predict that she will be the top British Female Country artiste"

Gwen Taylor - North Country Music Magazine

"...performed in Tootsie's, Orchid Lounge, Nashville with no other than Glen Mitchell"


"Sean Kenny and Nadine Somers, the new Tim McGraw and Faith Hill"

Linda Willis - Linedancer

"The floor filled with couples and dancers who just enjoy the tones from Nadine who sings with a huge amount of grace"

The Viking, Chichester

"Nadine Somers was a big hit and set fire to Billy Bob's in Disney Village"

Editor: Alain Mangenot - Country France - Country France

"Excellent. In my opinion Nadine can't fail. She is extremely talented and possesses a natural warm, friendly and bubbly personality"