Nadhira / Press

"Ah, Nadhira - is destined for success, good voice, delightful beats with oceans of lush sounds!" "

Terry J Hawke, Radio Broadcaster/Producer - HFM (UK)

" Watch out for Nadhira ! She is beautiful, she knows how to write and deliver a modern R&B track and her vocals draw you in right away. Her songs sound right on 'par' with anyone else on the Billboard charts. There is no reason why she can't climb those charts, especially with the lead single "Tear Us Apart". You'll fall in love with her voice. "

““Tear Us Apart” features Nadhira in her beautiful duet debut with the silky smooth, Ron E. Jones. The quality and clear textures of her voice (alternately soft and dynamic) lead this reviewer to expect her to rocket to the top of the Urban/R&B charts. Let’s put it this way…it would be a crime if she doesn’t!"”

“Listened to Nadhira's CD driving down between Appointments. If you have heard her, then you know you're listening to a star, and if you haven't then you better check her work out- Keep up the great work young Nadhira.”

“Nadhira is a breath of fresh air to the R&B scene in Malaysia; come to think of it, there isn't quite an R&B scene in Malaysia, She's gone from being a rock chick to an amazing R&B artist, and on this collection of songs, you can't help but hear the heartbreak. This deput EP is packed with killer Global City Music productions to complement Nadhira's silky vocals, and it deserves a spot with other International female R&B albums out there. The 6 tracks plus 2 remix tracks make this definitely a keeper. Watch out for Nadhira at a gig near you”

“Interview – Upcoming singing starlet Nadhira Rising star Nadhira seems to be on a roll! The songstress has a No.1 hit single in Malaysia AND wowed audiences in Canada. MSN Entertainment spoke to the pretty lass and discovered that aside from her love of cupcakes, the self-professed beach bum also has a penchant for travelling and Mariah Carey.”

“Music is her journey. AREF OMAR chats with the new indie artiste SHE spent her formative years in different countries including the United Kingdom, Brunei and Indonesia. “I’m used to it now. It helps in adapting to situations,” says the 25-year-old who coped by channelling her creative energy into music. Singing came naturally and with encouragement from her parents, she studied classical piano at London’s Royal Academy of Music.”