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“Best None of the Above My Wooden Leg Experimental rock duo My Wooden Leg call themselves a "gypsytronic Balkan rock band." We couldn't come up with a better tag, so they found their way into the Best None of the Above category. Their experimental, sample-heavy sound is a product of two multi-instrumentalists and a MacBook. Guitarist Michael Maftean says that much like their live performances, their sound is ever-evolving. Rachel Watts”

“If you can picture yourself playing this album at a bonfire, driving down the dusty roads, getting yourself energized and swimming in the extra sensory areas of your imagination, the live shows should be a heck of a time. Read more: Review: Fort Worth’s My Wooden Leg, “The Jealous Disco” http://klli.radio.com/2012/07/11/review-fort-worths-my-wooden-leg-the-jealous-disco/#ixzz20Ta0vRhO”

“I came across The Jealous Disco many months ago while searching for an indie band tofeature. The band struck me because it another outlet described it as “Eastern Europe and gypsy-tinged breakdowns meets roadhouse workouts.” That idea and the ways my mind tried to coil around the possible sound of this band led me deeper into discovery. My Wooden Leg brings exactly what so many jaded music fans seek these days. The title track on the band’s first full-length album, The Jealous Disco, announces itself with a pop beat coated in harmonized vocals that build up until the bass line breaks it down. Funk elements exist in the bass line, but the funk tone immediately shrinks against the darker and raspier vocal line that introduces the next melody. My Wooden Leg creates this constant back and forth of different genres styles seamlessly; one wouldn’t necessarily even notice that he heard such variety before the end of the first track! ”

“Although the Eastern European ethnic flavors are unmistakable on these 10 tunes, they’re employed in the service of universal danceability rather than dry NPR-style diversity. The title track is a prime example, as singer Maftean proudly proclaims “I have danced when you’ve bitched and complained” against a backdrop of intricate gypsy rhythms blended with a New Wave pop urgency. “Foreign Girls” is another delicious slice of dance-floor mayhem, celebrating the pleasures of dangerous women who’ll spike your drink and then strip you down. “Casa De Nebuni” –– the most traditionally Romanian foray on the album –– and “Cop City,” a rocking lament about a corrupt big city with overlays of heavy, frayed guitarwork. If the bouncy “Pet Peeves” sounds a bit too reminiscent of a Brave Combo novelty tune –– Maftean lists his top annoyances, including useless hippies and desperate housewives who become public figures ––”

“My Wooden LeG fuse Rock with a Romany Dance filigree to deliver an instantly engaging sound which intrigues the ears. With the composite influences there is a slightly theatrical sound to the out-put, but on this occasion it doesn’t detract from the sheer inventiveness and currency. With the disparate styles the out-fit is able to take the listener on an always interesting and fun ride of sound. The band is able to throw a spanner in to the works of preconception as the incredible shift between Romany with an overlay of Rock and vice versa creates a completely different impact in the mind. It is this apparent dichotomy of sound which raises the band to one of the must have on my – challenging structures – playlist. I even find myself listening to some Roots Ska as the band slide up and down the balance of influence. In summation – yes please, more of this delicious mix, which does more to evidence the coexistence of different cultures than any amount of Political Correctness s”

“I was immediately struck by Michael’s disposition. The leader of MWL, Michael – dressed in snug jeans, a teal v-neck, black vest, and with his black hair gelled tightly right to left – was meticulous in ensuring that his guitar sounded just so and that his setup was just right. There was a burning intensity for the integrity of his music that was clear to see. See that tattoo on Michael’s right arm? It says “Asculta.” It means listen in Romanian. As Michael told me after the show, the night’s audience certainly did. How could we not? The first two songs My Wooden Leg performed featured Michael singing in Romanian. He ended with a couple singing in English. Regardless of language, I got the impression that Michael was trying to inflict as much pain on his larynx as possible with each note that he sang. But it was wonderful to listen to. Michael’s singing perfectly complemented his spectacular guitar play – the man is clearly a genius with the instrument.”

“My Wooden Leg cranks out gypsy-tinged roots music, full of sudden tempo changes, speedy fretwork, and frontman Michael Maftean’s often nasally but always endearing vocal delivery. In person, the trio is a master class in precision and nuance.”

“Some very cool shows are coming up this week, including The Hold Steady on Wednesday at The Loft, plus Alejandro Escovedo and Doug Burr at The Kessler Theater, and the sold out Spoon show at the Granada on Thursday. Also, The Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally will take place on Friday, April 13th from 5pm to 10pm on Main St. between Malcolm X and Crowdus. The event is free and accessible by bike, car, and DART Rail at either the Deep Ellum Station or the Baylor University Medical Center Station. Deep Dallas Music has coordinated local bands to play including My Wooden Leg from Ft. Worth and Hares on the Mountain from Denton. All this is followed up by Matt the Electrician at Poor David’s Pub on Saturday… Thanks for tuning in to American Highway… Each Monday at 4pm it’s the roots rock, Americana show on the Indie-verse. Click more for the playlist! ”

“Fort Worth gypsy rockers My Wooden Leg are kicking off 2012 in high gear, as frontman Michael Maftean says they're preparing to head into the studio later this year to record what will become The Jealous Disco, MWL's debut full-length album. "We just recently started pre-production with our engineer, [bassist for Dallas band Spook Easy] Joe Tacke and we're getting really excited about The Jealous Disco album," Maftean says. "It's going to be a 10-song LP ... we want to capture the hard, high energy feeling you get from seeing us live and move your bones with our 'worldly' gypsy dance groove." MWL will be utilizing Robbie Baxter's Red Star Recording in Arlington for the production. The band hopes The Jealous Disco ignites an interest in DFW-spawned world music that, apart from Brave Combo, Maftean says is currently non-existent. "God willing, this album will do just that and with the support of critics and fans, we'll blow this up globally in 2012."”

“Who’s My Wooden Leg? S.A.M. – “MY WOODEN LEG IS OUR ROMANIAN LEADER MICHAEL MAFTEAN. MICHAEL TURNS ON MY PROGRAM. MICHAEL ENDS MY PROGRAM. MICHAEL IS RESPONSIBLE FO… “ Michael – “Let me interject here. S.A.M. has some faulty wiring I’ll be correcting very shortly. My Wooden Leg is a stage name used with solo as well as with a collective of musicians, artists, and entertainers I’ve put together to perform live shows and record albums with.” What’s the story behind the band name My Wooden Leg? Michael – “Sigh…Go ahead S.A.M.” S.A.M. – “ ITS MY WOODEN LEG!!! NOT YOURS!” What are your music influences? Michael – “Traditional Balkan and Gypsy music of groups like: Taraf de Haidouks, Fanfare Ciocarlia, and Besh o Drom. Newer groups like Gogol Bordello, Balkan Beat Box, Manu Chao and Ленинград (Leningrad), even System Of A Down really helped pave a way for me to write and connect towards mainstream audiences.” What’s”

“During the past few weeks, I've been hearing a lot about this band called My Wooden Leg, though I couldn't seem to catch it live. I looked the band up online and someone had erroneously labeled it a country-and-Western band. With a name like that, though, I had to go find out for myself. At first glance, I was afraid this was another "sing through your nose" and pretend you are in O Brother, Where Art Thou roots band. But then they tore into a song with Romanian lyrics and punchy, punky instrumentals, and I realized this was a different kind of musical critter altogether. " Papusa is Romanian for doll," the band's frontman and founder, Michael Maftean, explained to me, about the track in question. "Whether you take it metaphorically or literally, it's about this weird obsession with a doll. This guy, he builds a house for it, he paints her face, and she sleeps in his shoe. Those are the lyrics to it, if they were in English. click link to continue!!”

“Texas-based gypsy rock outfit My Wooden LeG is another artist brand new to the Rock Band Network today. With the release of “A Circus“, the lead track from their EP of the same name, this trio brings their unique blend of Romanian folk and indie rock to the masses. Comparisons have been made to artists such as Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello, but they definitely make this sound 100% their own. “A Circus” can be downloaded now for 160 MSP! ”

“A Circus, My Wooden Leg’s new EP, is more or less a mini-concept album in which a deranged ringmaster introduces listeners to a variety of hard-luck characters trying to navigate twisted or heartbreaking situations. That device has been a little over-familiar since the early-’70s musical Cabaret trademarked the leering, decadent master of ceremonies, but My Wooden Leg frontman Michael Maftean, who co-produced A Circus with Joe Tacke, nevertheless makes the device intimate and urgent. Maftean simultaneously fleshes out and tightens up his gypsy-flavored baroque country sound, taking his outfit –– rounded out by Jacob Martinez on bass and backup vocals, Joshua Jones on drums, and Brandon Arthur on violin –– from eccentric semi-novelty act to serious, ambitious band. The CD is bookended with two versions of the title track, a low-key but grotesque carnival romp that begins with the singer inviting listeners to “Come one, come all of you / You hideous souls.””

“I actually think a good comparison for this song is "Silver" by Pixies. They're both this sort of slow, freak-folk type of composition, with a vocal style that was never meant to be for everyone and a certain affinity for the low end of the mix. They're not hard songs, though guitar has its moments, and they're definitely not predictable, polished pop. But that's what makes "A Circus" so enjoyable; it doesn't want to be normal, so it doesn't try, but at the same time it doesn't try to be weird. That just comes naturally. You've gotta respect a band that revels in their oddity the way My Wooden LeG does.”

“My Wooden Leg Song in Hollywood Movie by Anthony Mariani “A Circus,” off the hard-C&W Fort Worth quartet My Wooden Leg’s forthcoming album of the same name, will be featured in Sinners & Saints, a summer-2011 action movie directed by William Kaufman and starring Tom Berenger, Sean Patrick Flannery (Boondock Saints), Kim Coates (Black Hawk Down), Jolene Blalock, and Method Man.”

“Another Fort Worth band poised to break out is My Wooden Leg. The title track from the alt-country trio’s new album, A Circus, will appear in Sinners & Saints, directed by William Kaufman and starring Tom Berenger. My Wooden Leg will be celebrating the release of A Circus on Sat., Feb. 5, at the Chat Room Pub (1263 W. Magnolia Ave., South Side, 817-922-8319), an underground but non-pretentious Fort Worth hangout known for its smiling, efficient bartenders; local art on the walls; and hipster regulars.”

“This week’s ”Music” story profiles the Fort Worth trio My Wooden Leg, featuring the voice and songwriting of former Catfish Whiskey guitarist Michael Maftean. Before you see their show Saturday August 1 at Fred’s Cafe, you should check out the four songs from My Wooden Leg’s infectious debut EP FleshPop. Similarly, the internationally revered Romanian folk-pop ensemble Taraf de Haidouks – a big influence on Maftean’s sound – have a terrific sampling of Romanian classical pieces from their most recent CD “Maskarada.” ”

by Jimmy Fowler - Band of Gypsies

“The once-shy singer-songwriter Michael Maftean has emerged from Catfish Whiskey to be a more-than-capable frontman for the trio My Wooden Leg, which does the country-roots equivalent of Tom Waits’ tales of dreamers, seekers, and folks just barely hanging on. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/mywoodenleg/blog#ixzz10ZihcdJU”

Jimmy Fowler - MY Wooden LeG nominated for C&W artist of the year

“The four songs on FleshPop, the debut EP from the troubadour-roots trio My Wooden Leg, are uncommonly assured, guitar-charged mini-canvases full of enigmatic characters, shifty motives, and desperate situations. "Times" is a Neil Young-ish lament about threadbare living whose unexpected rhythmic shifts, from monster stomp to playfully skittish cymbal flourishes, mirror frontman Michael Maftean's snarly, sardonic take on the blues. "Hell's Half Acre" is a gypsy-fired rockabilly romp about the baddest neighborhood on earth, with a nostril-flared Maftean offering, "Don't you know that we ran that place? / And don't you know that we done ran it down?" The relaxed command of outlaw mythology, the odd ability to make four or five different instruments sound like a restless street orchestra, should come as no surprise: Click link below to continue...”