MYTI / Press

“Work to Do is really good!!!”

Jeremy Judge - ReverbNation

“yo that keep it rockins hot”

Hybrid - ReverbNation

“I love your music. May I wish you the very best of good luck.”

Peter O' Sullivan - ReverbNation

“Great tracks...great tacks keep up the hard work. ”

AJay STyLiN - ReverbNation

“Salute Family! Appreciate it... Love ya style... KEEP RocKING!!! M.Y.T.I.”

Sunny Tuff - ReverbNation

“im feeling your musc M.Y.T.I. and its my pleasure to make a song with you”

Dat Boy O - ReverbNation

“your shit is dope as fuck. I would be down to collab for sure man.”

JGray - ReverbNation

“man ur music is incredible and yes we should definitely collab”

B.Lady - ReverbNation

“Yo this Work To Do joint is ill man, you actually just inspired me to make a beat!”

Jeff The Producer - ReverbNation

“Good Music brah loving what i'm hearing down for a collab”

Kid Kash - ReverbNation

“Sounds pretty sick man. DM me we can collab for sure. ”

B.O.M.B. - ReverbNation

“Yo you got a nice sound and keep em comin!”

Leo Beatz - ReverbNation

“I digg this....keep it up g”

Young Wise - ReverbNation

“i just checked out your music and became a fan, great work”

Trill Tc Chris - ReverbNation

“Peeped your stuff, you're ill as fuck bro. Flow is on point man. Down to collab for sure”

Plex - ReverbNation

“Sounds Dope Mayne!! Reminds Me Of LL Cool J”

Urban - ReverbNation

“We will mos def be doing alot of work! I love ur spirit of being humble. Plus ur stage energy! ”

T-Lady - ReverbNation

"Dope music homie! Always down to work with talented Artist!!!"

Ryk Fury - ReverbNation

"keep it Rockin" did juz that i was rockin my head da whole time...ur hooks are on point...like ur style has a old school feel but still fresh"

Kin, ReverbNation

"im diggin it homie, good lyrics and concept on 'Work to do'"

Chris Rosas - ReverbNation

"your traxx real soulful brotha That shits Jamming crazy.....I got WORK.hell yeh feeling it"

FURIOUS - ReverbNation

"Love the music fammo! We should def link up and do some work"

JMR Music Entertainment - ReverbNation

"Love It! Your music feels like the 90's:)"

Dy Santos - ReverbNation

"Keep it rockin got a new grove bra, Impressive"

T-Mo - ReverbNation

“Hell ya bro your shit is fire also are u still unsigned?”

Kev the Kidd - ReverbNation

“I was vibing to your tracks man real stuff!!”

Jody Jermaine - ReverbNation


Eighty6ix - ReverbNation

“Yoooo I be on rn checking out music and yours is by far the hottest that I have heard on here u re really good stay doing u fam lets get it”

Jeronimo - ReverbNation

“Whats good bro, your music is great! Would definitely love to collab with you on a song.”

Joey Price - ReverbNation

“Myti I got work! love your positive attitude! i'd love to work with you.”

777 - ReverbNation

“whats up MYTI!!! Definitely diggin the tunes. keep it up man. new listener her. Detroit support ”

Mac Nifty - ReverbNation

“Work To Do is real nice bruh! ”

Mack Mirage - ReverbNation

“yo much love...keep it rockin is sick....diggin your style...im very interested in a collab....im ready when you are....PEACE.... ”

MindSound Productions - ReverbNation

"Work to do is ridiculous!!!!!! love the track bro."

Cennsational - ReverbNation

"Was good bro, yeah you was spittin on that "Work To Do" im feelin it

Kenille - ReverbNation

"I listened to your stuff man and your dope... if you wanna collab, im down"

Pchav - ReverbNation

"Fasho mayne ur shit is dope!"

Real Ill Productions - ReverbNation

"Your music has a unique sound...I'm all for the collab."

B.O.A.T. - ReverbNation

"i love it that song i got work to do ......wow your flow cold my nigga please keep that up.....i want that song"

BOI BLU - ReverbNation

"u got sum hot tracks keep doin wut u do my dude"

Figgareal - ReverbNation

“Feelin Ya Sound Homie Fa Real! Definately A Fan Ayy Keep It Rockin And We Gon "Keep It Rollin"”

Eternaltx - ReverbNation

"Work To Do" is tight M.Y.T.I. :D

Boo-Hoo - ReverbNation

“Peace homie! Excellent usage of the Isley Bros sample on 'Work To Do'. Consistent flow, vocal inflection is good”

Original Soul - ReverbNation

“That "WORK TO DO" is FIRE!!!”

JCeles - ReverbNation

"work to do" is a nice track bro

MR_IBEONIT - ReverbNation

“I.heard your traks you be jammin!”

Mysterious210 - ReverbNation

“I aint gon lie soon as I heard yo track I started JAMMIN (no lie) Shit Is On Fire (I Got Work To Do)”

Lamar Q. Owen - ReverbNation

“Keep it rockin' lovely! I'm lovin' the vibe.”

Soh Mehni - ReverbNation

“Keep It Rockin' is dope! Nice work MYTI.”

Nav-Vii - ReverbNation