Mystery Ship / Press

“There was a time when music was listened to with your windows down while you cruised in your car with pride, arm hanging out the window and speakers ready to blow. This was done because the music you listened to made you feel cool. For those around you it made them feel cool. For those who saw you cruising, they wanted to be as cool as you… …For the Seattle based Mystery Ship, they’ve got their speakers chirping and they’re driving the coolest car. The release of their self-titled EP gives them permanent cruising rights…Mystery Ship encompasses the style, structure, and finesse laid out by the masters of rock before them. The four track EP is bursting with slick guitar licks, jamming bass riffs, distorted vocals and heavy drums to which you can easily roll down the window and jam… …I don’t think we could ask for more. If Mystery Ship has the ability to lay out four tracks like these this early on, take notice, they are going far.”

“‎Mystery Ship is what happens when a rock band realizes how awesome 60′s and 70′s rock was and recreates it in modern day. They recently released their self-titled album (which is available at various local stores including Easy Street, Sonic, etc) and it has been getting glowing reviews all over the internet. While the band doesn’t necessarily sound like any other band out there they do have hints of Mount Carmel, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin.”

“The biggest, baddest, sweetest rock band to come outta Seattle since that whole flannel ‘n’ long hair thing was big.”

“Mystery Ship is a band that preserved the original rock ‘n’ roll style, with vocals somewhat resembling The Beatles. This four-piece group embraces the ’60s and ’70s and the influences of bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin are very prominent in their sound.”

“Never have bar and band been paired so perfectly as Mystery Ship and the Blue Moon. During what promises to be a rollicking, combustible celebration, there will be more drinks spilled near the stage on this night than at any other fiesta in Seattle.”

“Mystery Ship sounds like the aftermath of Led Zeppelin, Widespread Panic, and Velvet Revolver staging a sloppy three-way on a beer-soaked dive-bar floor. They make music to viscerally rock out to. If you have other objectives, this might not be the band for you.”