“One of Slovakia's long standing metal bands Mysterious Eclipse, has taken a unique turn in how to get your music out to the masses.... by CD trading. Formed in 1996, the quintet have maintained a recognized brand image throughout their career within the underground metal scene. Since their inception they have release one demo (1998), one MCD (1999) and four other major releases (2005, 2008, 2010, 2013) including 2013's "Hell Of Pain". Fronted by Peta Kity Siazikov, this Melodic Black / Death Metal outfit are a gem within the Central European nation and certainly are well worth trading with. This idea may be in place already, but the whole idea of it is great for those bands who are separated by mountains, vast seas, you name it, the whole idea is a great way to get music out to overseas bands, sure the online sharing is obvious. Click on link below for more info....”