My Scarlet Red / Press

“Worlds apart from the rest, My Scarlet Red takes you on journeys you never knew you were missing. Complex sound-scapes, that dive deep to the heart of what matters. If you're not listening, you're missing out.”

Pheonix - Blue Pheonix Radio

“THE BEST IN CHRISTIAN BE-LIVER WEIRDNESS!...deep and all ways inspiring!you are brilliant!”

Mishel - Hidden Mountain

“..wow!…‘the remembering’ in it’s entirety is simply epic, the sonic images and clever sequeways from one genre/emotion to another coupled with the altered tempos was just extraordinary..from the subtle to the in your face a thoroughly enjoyable journey..”

Cait Collins - Beat Mistress Cait

“I read "The Hiding Place" when I was fourteen, and heard Corrie Ten Boom speak back then in Massachusetts, USA. I had forgotten what an effect that had on my life. Leave it to you, with your gift of "The Remembering"! It's a masterwork, a rock opera of memories. Thank you so much for it.”


“Another heartfelt "thank you" to Ragat and My Scarlet Red for using their incredible talent and creativity to inspire anyone, who chooses to listen, to their message of love and hope.”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“Wow, this is mind blowing new music, dear friend! Your music just keeps evolving in new and fantastic ways. The richly textured sounds, the stirring power of the music, and the mesmerizing qualities of the rhythm and melodies continue to transport the listener on vast cosmic journeys.”

Adam Pearson - Reverbnation