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“My Plastic Sun will be featured on April 28th on the U.K.'s ultra-cool station Amazing Radio. The band will be featured on the fabulous Simon Raymonde's show at 3:00 est time. Listen here: http://amazingradio.com/radio_popup.html?amazingradio”

“SiriusXM's super station the Coffee House is devoting an entire 30 minutes to My Plastic Sun live in the studio noon on Thursday, April 24th and again at midnight on Friday, April 25th!!”

“My Plastic Sun's, "Couldn't Love You More" enters its 10th week as the most played song on SiriusXM's the Coffee House!!”

"Indie Rockers My Plastic Sun: Band To Watch For In 2014" - "The indie music scene is always searching for new talent and My Plastic Sun are it. They are generating national attention on the forefront of the indie music scene."

“My Plastic Sun has written a darling little tune with an endearing animated narrative, “Couldn’t Love You More” proves love is blind.”

“SirusXM adds "Couldn't Love You More" to their playlist. That's right...you can hear our psychedelic love song daily now on SiriusXM!!! Thank you SiriusXM channel 31 The Coffee House!!!!”

“USA Today....yes!!! We are floored to be in USA Today on their “The Week in Pop: Cool stuff from the last seven days” feature. Thanks for the kind words Whitney Matheson of USA Today!”

“Great news...we are psyched that a new tune of ours, "Couldn't Love You More" has been placed in the independent movie "Guten Tag, Ramon" set for release in late December.The film is by the highly regarded Mexican director Jorge Ramírez-Suárez.”

“Getting noticed is no longer an issue in My Plastic Sun’s home town, where Bernunzio Uptown Music was packed for its show Friday night. The band is built for lead singer, keyboardist and creator of synthetic sounds, Johnny Cummings, who has it all. The looks, and a voice that easily moves from falsetto to a Jim Morrison-like dream murmur. It’s part synth-pop, part radio-ready contemporary rock, and heavily influenced by The Beatles. New songs are emerging, such as “All of This,” which drummer Roy Stein introduced as “a lusty little number.” They all are, Roy, they all are.”

“The band draws from influences such as Wilco, the Beatles an Radiohead and while it’s easy to make a smorgasbord of comparisons, My Plastic Sun summons just the right amount of elements from those other bands to make its own unique sound.”

“My Plastic Sun - We Run From No One New York's My Plastic Sun have many strings to their Progressive Rock bow, and they pluck each one with just as much finesse as the last. "Give It All Away" was a hauntingly beautiful debut, "Silicon Junkie" showcased their psychedelic side, "Caught In A Wave" hinted at new wave, and now "We Run From No One" takes that anthemic edge, and pulls out all the stops. Now a four-piece, the band's sound is more textured and epic than ever. Lead guitars soar, huge rock band harmonies abound, and the chorus is a behemoth. Covering more musical ground in their 2 years than some establish bands manage in 10, My Plastic Sun are so ahead of the game they don't even need to play it. ”

“City Newspaper's music critic Frank De Blase on My Plastic Sun's Fringe Festival Show, "It was a magnificent, epic, and beautiful set of music that spanned from powerful rock to one of the prettiest love songs I’ve ever heard."”

"The museum-like calm of Bernunzio’s Uptown Music has been jolted by big crowds pushing their way past the banjos and vintage guitars to see the excellent Rochester psyche-pop band My Plastic Sun. The crowd was still hanging out on the sidewalk as My Plastic Sun wrapped up its 8 p.m. set. Lead singer Johnny Cummings has a stunning voice, and the crowd demanded an encore; My Plastic Sun responded with The Beatles’ “Blackbird,” and Cummings really nailed it."

“The last time we heard from My Plastic Sun,I’ve got to admit it caught me slightly off guard.I’d been getting used to their dreamy,expansive sound on the likes of “Give It All Away“and “Falling Awake“, and then suddenly I was confronted with the gutsy, grungy, all-out rock of “Silicone Junkie”.Not that a bit of variety is a bad thing, of course. Their latest offering,“Caught In A Wave”, sees yet another notch in the genre bedpost being carved out – albeit one that follows logically from the earlier tracks.In overall feel, it’s definitely more in the upbeat rock territory of “Silicone Junkie”,but the synths and vocal line tie in nicely with the richer sound of the earlier tracks.The end result is something like what I imagine The Cure would have sounded like if Robert Smith had taken a lot of Prozac.Is there also maybe a hint of MGMT in there, or is that just me? Anyway, it’s good to hear more from the boys:with each new track we get some more insight int”

“With each new track they unveil, it's becoming harder and harder to pin My Plastic Sun down. If you thought they were the wistful, melancholic post-Radiohead ponderers as heard on "Give It All Away" and "Falling Awake", you're right. If you thought they were the post-punk, psychadelic rockers of "Silicone Junkie", you're right. If, for whatever reason, you ever had an inkling they'd unveil a sunny Coldplay-sized summer anthem, awash with joyous synths and huge hooks, you can now tell all your friends "I told you so". Sounding more straight-up audience friendly than ever before, but still with the progressive streak (check the Genesis-happy synth lead in the middle 8) that clinches it as still 'their sound', "Caught in a Wave" is yet another reason to check out My Plastic Sun, and yet another facet to add to their ever growing sound-repertoire.”

“My Plastic Sun who've just debuted their newest single, "Silicon Junkie" and damn if my ears aren't taking me for a ride again. Big and fleshy, there's still some trappings of psych here, but now it's all wrapped up and buffed in a clear coat of modern pop sensibilities. And damn if it doesn't cook. Johnny's voice is smooth as melted butter as he pours over the song, textured guitars wail and undulate, Roy pounds out some polyrhythmic bashings, and the bass plows right into my brain. Toss in an earworm of a choral hook and we got a chugging winner here. Seriously, put these guys out on tour with Ripple band, Sky Parade and we're set for a shoegazing, electro pop party. Cool song that rocks and grooves. Nice job, boys. Looking forward to hearing more.”

“According to the officials at Sticky Lips Juke Joint, Friday night was their biggest night since New Year's Eve. My Plastic Sun had packed the joint for the band's much-anticipated debut. If it weren't for the smell of smoky grub as folks fine-dined on swine I would've sworn I was in a place like Scorgies circa 1979. Now, My Plastic Sun isn't a throwback. It's perhaps a little classic around the edges, but who wants to venture too far from that? The sound was epic and grandiose as it dominated the air with its sonic sweetness. Loops and triggers made up for the trio's abbreviated manpower, giving it an orchestral majesty. Singer Johnny Cummings moved from cock-rocker to balladeer while guitarist Overhand Sam transcended the shtick of his peculiar style. But this was a Roy Stein joint, and he commanded the ship brilliantly with a dash of genuine flamboyance amidst the music's darkness and light”

“With a sound and a burning intensity that brings to mind bands like The Godfathers or The Gun Club, My Plastic Sun offers maximum bang with zero compromise. It's excitingly electrified but not at the expense of its primal underpinnings. This is a Roy Stein joint. As drummer for New Math, The Jet Black Berries, The Raw Magilly's, and The Atomic Swindlers, Stein has played big rock awash in pop hints, atmosphere, and a dark, noir-ish splendor. But as producer of several excellent rock bands like The New York Vaults and Methanol, Stein clutches the big rock in a fist made up of nothing but middle fingers. Now occupying both the drum throne and producer's chair, Stein - along with his My Plastic Sun bandmates Johnny Cummings and Overhand Sam - has managed to combine both into a swirling, decadent howl of rock 'n' roll.”

“Here’s your very first chance to hear My Plastic Sun, the psychedelic pop trio of singer Johnny Cummings (who was singing with the Jet Black Berries revival last year), drummer Roy Stein (who has survived Jet Black Berries outbursts on and off since the ’80s) and guitarist Sam Snyder (who wasn’t even born when the Jet Black Berries were very hip to our scene). The band debuts at 9 p.m. Friday at Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint, 830 Jefferson Road, Henrietta. These guys can go a lot of places. Songs like “Silicon Junkie” seem to draw from the ’80s, yet with the contemporary flair you’d expect of Radiohead or Coldplay. “Falling Awake” is just a gorgeous ballad, sung by Cummings with George Michael grace, with just the slightest echo of Beatles-like brass late in the track, a detail that Beatles fans and one-time musician Charles Manson would have killed for.”

“One thing I admire about you as a band is the songwriting, which is of a standard that I personally think is incredibly rare in the current music industry, where fitting into a scene seems more important than writing a good song regardless of genre. The referencing of the Beatles is certainly clear, My Plastic Sun's songs have a timeless quality to them.”

““You should be familiar with My Plastic Sun by now, since they’ve been gracing our ear-holes with soaring, melodic rock for over half a year now. But if you think that means you know what to expect from them … Well, let’s just say their latest offering, “Silicone Junkie”, might catch you a bit off-guard. To be fair, Roy did warn me up front that it represented the other side to the band’s sound when he sent it through to me. Gone are the lush arrangements and clean-cut vocals; this is raw, visceral rock. The good news is that My Plastic Sun are every bit as good at this as their more refined norm. I understand that a good deal of credit goes to new guitarist Sam, who certainly has plenty of opportunity to unleash here. This all bodes well for an album release; we can expect it to be nicely varied and, based on the evidence so far, rock-solid in terms of the quality of song-writing. Download “Silicone Junkie” below and let your expectations be overturned, in a good w”

"Where many bands have a great press team but no tunes to back up the hype, My Plastic Sun are pretty much the exact opposite. Given that, it’s great to see them getting more and more attention, and they deserve every bit of it."

“BitCandy puts Give It All Away video in it's top 10 of the week list and says,"We’re doing a feature soon in our New Finds for this band My Plastic Sun...pretty unknown...pretty much something going on here."”

“NEW & UNHEARD: My Plastic Sun - Falling Awake Prepare yourself for your heartstrings to be well and truly retugged. Whilst My Plastic Sun's "Give it All Away" was forelorn and heartbreaking, "Falling Awake" is healing, warm and utterly, utterly spellbinding in its beauty. And in particular, it must be mentioned that singer Johnny Cummings' vocals are windswept and content, and his falsetto is shimmering perfection. The band is working on a full length CD, due Summer 2012 (perfect timing), tentatively titled "Jumping Karma Trains", and judging by their efforts so far, this could be the one to watch. Joe Cobblestone UK's Give Pop a Chance. ”

“If you don't know this beautiful, beautiful song by now, it now has a beautiful, beautiful video to accompany it. So there really is no excuse to not fall in love with this effortlessly euphoric Sci-Fi ballad and this wonderful band. ”

“Sounds like: Deerhunter, Beach House, Coldplay What's so good? New York-based My Plastic Sun is a fresh take on electro pop. The dynamic duo, Johnny Cummings and Roy Stein, use piano, synths, organ, mellotrons, guitar, banjos, and various sampling to produce unique, experimental music. My favorite track (of the three they offer on their website) is “Give It All Away,” where Cummings’ vocals sound like the voice of Coldplay and Radiohead’s indie baby lovechild. I think they’re going to be a band to keep your eye on, so be sure to check them out. For a more upbeat song, listen to “House of Fun.””

“Ultra-cool music blog LittleLionGirl out of Austria in a nutshell had this to say, "an incredibly appealing and strong debut EP." The full review: “I’ve been listening to the three-songs EP now for probably five times, and every single time my mind makes another association to other bands. The first and to me most obvious one when starting with the opener “Give It All Away” was Muse - the soothing voice, the soaring falsetto parts, the synths – even a Mellotron is there. Then, there clearly is some essential “B” in it: Beach Boys, Beach House, Blur, and one might even draw some Beatles-resemblance. And as if that combination wouldn’t already make the recipe for an incredibly appealing and strong debut EP, then I can tell all you hipster-indie-rockers that there’s even some Yuck in the guitars of “Blue Tigers and the Love Brigade”. Now: forget all my comparisons, head over to their Facebook page and listen for yourself.” http://www.littleliongirl.com/2011/09/my”

“This release is the product of two musicians with stratospheric levels of talent, creating spectacular melodies colored with gorgeous layering, pop sensibilities and immediately memorable lyrics.” The review goes on to make comparisons to the Beatles, Coldplay and production values of George Martin.”

“Wow..Great review from the major music blog "Listen Before You Buy". Comparisons to Beatles, Oasis, Blur, Broken Bells, Deerhunter, Beach House, etc...Some of what they had to say, "Give It All Away”, is an absolute gem","Johnny’s vocals really shine", "the EP is a strong debut from a band who I confidently predict will go far."”

"In a year seriously missing really classic ethereal dreampop albums such as last year's "Halcyon Digest" by Deerhunter and "Teen Dream" by Beach House, My Plastic Sun, though unknown, show immense promise to fill the void in 2011. Describing themselves as the missing link between Burt Bacharach and Beach House, the band have a sense of rock 'n' roll tenderness that recalls Blur circa 1999 and dare-I-say The Beatles. Quite frankly, the heartbreaking "Give it All Away" is simply that good. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself."