my own worst enemy / Press

"Bad romance, late nights out, the intersection of love and squalor…That’s traditionally the stuff of great rock and roll, and it’s the territory My Own Worst Enemy inhabits with this album, which makes good on the promise of their last few years of heartfelt live shows. By now they’ve found a sound that isn’t quite garage, or pop, or alt-country or psychedelic, but they can call on all of it when a song demands. And the songwriting is definitely the point here, as Sue and Steve's tunes and lyrics key into the joys and dramas of a life in bohemia. This band knows and loves its Boston roots—covering Tribe’s previously-uncoverable “Abort” (one of three outside surprises here) and dedicating “The Kids Don’t Care” to a certain keeper of the local flame. “Electric Like the Moon” doesn’t sound like some old-school throwback, but it does take you back to the days when a night in clubland was a true adventure, and the bands didn’t mind trying to change your life

Brett Milano, music writer/author (Sound Of Our Town, Vinyl Junkies) - CD Review