"My Own Chaos : "Prisoner of war" Single self release. A clean intro very soft like before the baby falls asleep then the power comes with connie's voice and heavy riffs. A growling voice is although part of it towards the end with a faster tempo. Then it comes back to the early part of the heavy and melodic song. So there is a story and the music describes it by the changes. 80/100"

“Now this band out of Vancouver, I have seen only once. But I will be changing that. I am always amazed when the band is fronted by an extremely talented female singer, and she can do a multitude of vocals, especially those deep down guttural ones. Outstanding. Each and every member executed their set to perfection. I personally don’t understand why they have not gotten more recognition, so talented. They are a thrash/melodic band with so much more. You just have to check them out, and don’t miss them if they happen to be an opening band. All bands started out as openers. Can’t wait to see them again.”

“Interview with Connie Chaos”

“When the world has so many female lead singers or vocal artists is it really fair to compare them all? No I say even though I have in the past. This band is awesome lead by the great vocal prowess by Connie Chaos.”

“ Musically it varies between metal and thrash. Vocally you get clean singing as well as some growling. While a sizeable number of metal fans seem to dislike most female vocals, I think they might find the vocals of Connie Chaos to be something they like – these aren’t high pitched operatic style vocals – these are proper metal vocals and aren’t as high pitched as some male singers. Brief comments on a couple of tracks.. Opening track “Because of me” gets the album off to a great start with it’s crushingly heavy opening riffs which lead into some really fast paced metal. It’s a good heavy song with some lovely intricate guitar work thrown in, and Connie’s vocals sound great. Another great track is “Gatekeeper” which contains both clean singing and growling vocals which work really well together here. ”

“On June 17, the Rickshaw will host three bands each fronted by women and each with a new CD: Fuel Injected 45, Hector and My Own Chaos.”

“Coming in time for International Women's Day, March 8, is this riot of female bands - Scythia, My Own Chaos, Without Mercy, Gynosaurus X and The Driven. Billed as Girls With Guns, this show is at the tiny but friendly Princeton Pub , March 4.”

“Burnaby Now Feature Interview ”

“Hey a Cd review one that kicked me in the teeth! The album has different levels to it ranging from extremely fast “Gatekeeper” to mildly slow in “Instinct to exist”. I really like how the album ends strong which is the way a metal album should end. Connie Chaos’s vocals are strong, intense and don’t lose that edge through the album. The drumming of Matt Modder is powerful with an electronic sound to the snare to give the sound something different and an extra punch to the ears. The beginning tracks of “Because of Me”, “Drain Me” and “Blame” bring us right into world of Chaos. The right amount of cheese is applied to this album as all metal uses to a certain degree as the example of covering No Doubts “Hella Good” at the end of the record. I think this band is definitely 99.3 The Fox worthy and they also have a new tour coming up for Canada with a new drummer Steve Doobins. All hail the new Fly I am Sloan Bones”

“My Own Chaos feature interview in edmonton's Vue Weekly”

“My Own Chaos hits hard with their self-titled debut album, a blend of thrash and traditional metal with a modern edge topped off by one of the most charismatic frontpeople I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live Connie Chaos. Opening with the one-two punch of “Because of Me” and “Drain Me” My Own Chaos starts strong with two mid-tempo stompers that are reminiscent of times at Blaze Bayley’s solo efforts, with riffs pile-driving their way into your skull and Connie’s slightly raspy vocals drawing you in like a siren’s song. The album stays strong through the mid-way point. The at-times doomy “My Own Chaos”, varying tempos as necessary, and all the way through the thrashed up version of No Doubt’s “Hella Good” that finishes off the album. The guitars of Oleg Za and Alex Dubreuil sounding strong and punchy. The drums are thunderous as they should be, and the bass from Eric Wolf holds down the bottom end admirably. Definitely one of the best debut albums yo”

“MY OWN CHAOS: My Own Chaos (independent) My Own Chaos would be generic heavy metal but singer Connie Chaos comes across as an aggressor on “Because Of Me” and won’t be a victim on the following “Drain Me.” That kind of independent character is more personal and, therefore, a little different from the usual attacks on religion, government or conformity. The title track bristles with tension as she sings about her suicidal confusion. The assertion of an identity makes My Own Chaos more compelling than it might have been. http://blogs.theprovince.com/2011/11/11/no-island-sign-of-the-times-independent/”

“Radioactive Metal Interview”

“My Own Chaos live from the road”

“Devil's Interview with Connie Chaos My Own Chaos are a Vancouver Canada based band that I recently got into. Jumping all over the metal map, they are definitely an interesting listen. Lead Singer Connie Chaos has a powerful voice reminiscent of Doro Pesch while still maintaining her own sound. Read what she has to say in the below interview and then check the band out! You won’t be disappointed! ”

“Abort Magazine Shooting Gallery”

“My Own Chaos”

“High Voltage Music Interview with Connie Chaos”

“My Own Chaos Announce Chaos Across Canada Tour Dates”

“My Own Chaos announces Cross Canada Tour”

“My Own Chaos Heads Out on Cross Canada Tour”

“My Own Chaos Announces Tour Dates”

“Vancouver's MY OWN CHAOS Announce Chaos Across Canada Tour”

“CHAOS INCARNATE! Connie Chaos featured on the Cover of and Interviewed in Vandala Concepts Magazine!”

“My Own Chaos featured on the Cover and interviewed by The Rockette Magazine November issue”

“My Own Chaos is one of the strong performance bands in town, so check them out if you haven’t already.”

“Today’s Toronto is more than happy to bridge the gap between the west and east and introduce “MY OWN CHAOS.” MY OWN CHAOS is a mix of hardcore heavy rock with metal that came together in 2008 and have been cranking out there message ever since. Its been said that they unite a wide variety of influences from such bands as Pantera, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Jane’s Addiction, Faith No More and Static X the band carves a unique sound for themselves. What really seems to set this band apart is Connie Chaoss, her vocals and passion for the music are just incredible. This is definitely music that will make you wanna get a party going...or possibly lead to high speeds on the highway! With a few successful tours across Western Canada under their belt, they are preparing for an upcoming tour across Canada in the hope to promote their independent album! The album sends the message that even a breakdown can actually be a breakthrough! ”

“MY OWN CHAOS-A Westcoast Staple The recording of "Hella Good" betrays the bands heavy influences. Make no mistake about it. My Own Chaos is not here to push out music that has been done. Our first impression was one of Rob Zombie meets Motorhead with Blondie screaming into a rain barrel in a perfect mash of chaos, melody and a heavy, riff laden back line. You will not fall asleep with this music playing. Oleg's use of the 7 string guitar comes out well with lower toned, crushing guitar riffs that blend seamlessly with Connie's voice. The production is right in the sweet spot, not too over-produced yet full enough to allow the listener to hear the subtle distinctions that augment the main melodies. This textured, layered approach is a similar model to the way JR's vocals blended with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones riffs yet modernized with the heavier sound and faster tempos.”