My Own Black Eye / Press

“Now if that isn't original songwriting I don't know what the hell is. Cool stuff, keep rockin'! Props from Montana”

Tom Balek - Three Wheel Drive

“This is what rock music is all about a kick ass ride to total meltdown,"Awesome Work"”

DJ Paul Pritchard - Irvine, UK

“My adult side says not to like you, but my frosted side says you guys ROCK!!! I've been enjoying Empty quite a bit! Thanks for the hook up guys!!!”

The Chemical Riot - ReverbNation

“ I just came across your music on Unsigned.com and I think your music is great! I especially liked "Flavor of the Week" and "Wide Girls." The songwriting is great on both and the lyrics on "Schizophrenia Blues" are amazing.”

David Trau - LaFaMos, Marketing & Publicity

“got the chance to listen to you guys and im loving the pure rock n roll that poor's from your vain's”

Firey Knight's - MySpace

“The fuzz bass, vocals with heavy reverb and eighth note driven guitar rhythms mixed with some nice leads and great lyrics are all nicely packaged in a loud energy filled group of garage rocker tunes.”

David Trau - LaFaMos, Marketing & Publicity

“Love this song, sounds Jim Morrison all punked out!”

Nancy - Nashville Rock.net

“Thanx 4 being part of the Church Of Rock! You guys smoke!! And next week will not disappoint!!!! Tune in & Rock the hell on.”

Rev. Derek Moody - The Church Of Rock N Roll

“I am reminded of some of the greatest punk bands but hear the relevancy of your sound to the modern world.”

David Trau - LaFaMos, Marketing & Publicity

“man you guys rock my pants till they are sopping with soupanluv!!!”

Joe - Phat Kat Tattoo

“Hell Yeah!! you guys fucking Rock, but are you ready to have your mind blown outta your heads? No but seriously thanks. Your fucking awesome......Keep In Touch! ”

Jim - Mind Grenade

“you guys got me hooked when I first listened to Wide Girl Dance best ever.. I for sure want a copy of the new CD when its done! keep rockin it out guys.”

Ashley - Medford OR

“I just got a sneak preview of the new recording and it ROCKS. You guys sound so great.”

Victoria - Applegate

“Wow, that's awesome! Nice job.”

Jeff Gregory - Jeff Gregory Productions

“Great tunes guys. I sat through all your music which is rare for me. Really enjoyed the tunes.”

BlkWolf - BlkRadio

“love the album guys! good straight up filthy rock n roll,which will be perfect for the crawlspace.”

Tombstone - Crawlspace Radio

"Mustache Di Amore is so fkn hilarious! Plus it hella rocks too!"

The Flangz - Redding CA

“MY OWN BLACK EYE hits you with a middle finger and a Benny Hill head slap with their unconventional silly rock! The girls fall for this band and the boys fall for the girls that fall for this band. They are the drunk and the lovely.............”

Portland Oregon - Jackass Jason

“Nice work guys cant wait to hear final mix down. you sound awesome daniel you guys are some bad ass punkers. laters!”

Portland Oregon - charles

“love the sound! It's a Dickies go rockabilly love-fest for the ears! Sweet. Strong work guys!”

Ashland Oregon - Steel Monks

“the new songs kick ass. definitly your best to date. i listened to them all twice in a row. hope they don't get mixed down to much, i think they sound great just how they are. It is what i crave these days, a straight up rock band. ”

Peoria Illinois - west side jeff