My My My / Press

“Chicago’s My My My are a self described “indie rock” band but their latest release Tigers On The Dance Floor is an absolute pop album. It is a hook filled affair with swelling synths, U2-esque shimmering guitars and strong female vocals from Sarah Snow.”

“This is downright muscular pop music: driven, delirious and out for a goddamn good time.”

"My My My reminds us why we loved pop in the first place: even listening to the band through earbuds at your desk, you feel like you’re on an open highway going seventy-five, with the windows wide open and the stereo cranked up as far as it’ll go. Sheer joy, is what it amounts to."

"Bleeding” is a synth driven track with an extremely catchy hook and chorus that will have listeners singing along in no time.

“The male/female vocal combination that My My My brings to the table is a wonderful thing. Mixing elements of indie rock and poppy lyrics that latch on, the group really knows how to get the feet tapping and the head nodding.”

"...they've just put out a single called "Starting to Change." The track is one of their strongest so far, showcasing the interplay between co-singers Russell Baylin and Sarah Snow, with their impassioned vocals riding on top of a swirling melody that builds throughout before reaching cathartic completion." - Frank Krolicki

“Some of the Rock/Pop mixtures out in the world make my ears bleed. It’s true. Thankfully, this is not one of those examples. My My My is definitely a new rock group. It’s just one that makes good music.”

“Their set was energetic from the get-go, with the crowd... more enthusiastic with a strong contingent clearly there to do nothing but dance to My My My. And who could blame them? The band churned out danceable pop like it was, well, their job. The songs had keys sparkling, choruses rolling and the male and female singers trading firing lines off at each other with obvious charisma.”

“The Chicago indie rock band... is coming back to town, and you are going to love the pep and energy.”

“Vocalists Russell Baylin and Sarah Snow never fail to impress with the passionate deliveries, and the entire band sounded perfectly tight. Simply put, My My My rocked, and I sure hope those in the crowd who were unfamiliar with them will look them up.”

“Now I'm late to the party announcing their new EP, "Wishing You Whatever's Best"... but it's become a well-worn thumb-punch on my iPod this summer.”

“My, My, My had a high-energy set, that immediately captured the home crowd with their suited up style, catchy tunes, and addicting loops.”

“The band's EP Wishing You Whatever's Best has been one of our go-to workday listens since it came out in July. They put together catchy, upbeat melodies and lyrics that border on acerbic.”

"The wonderfully catchy track is a great barometer of the band's music. Baylin and Snow sing ''If we kiss real hard the city lights will turn to stars'' in a swelling chorus on top of a keyboard/synth swirl that may remind older listeners of Human League." - Andy Gray of The Tribune Chronicle says of My My My's single "Hard Kisses"