My Great Affliction (M.G.A) / Press

“My Great Affliction made the art of live performance look like a walk in the park. Man at the mic, Ste Gough, screams out with the persona of a great front man and the only summary possible for their tonight has to go to him, or rather his t-shirt, as those two words [Fuckin' Awesome] just about summed it up!”

“Happy to say that the Midlands are represented again with “Good Times” by My Great Affliction. They’ve experienced a certain amount of upheaval with major line-up changes, but the 3-piece are certainly on ferocious form at the moment. I love the fuzzy bassline under the guitar solo, and the whole thing rocks with a passion!””

“My Great Affliction are a three-piece heavy rock band and as soon as they start playing we are thrown back to a time when Metallica and Led Zeppelin graced every stage, with extended guitar solos that were extremely well played and mixed perfectly with Daz on the bass; lead vocalist Ste’s gritty voice worked perfectly, completing the overall sound…”

“Hailing from the hometown of many a famous rock band, Black Country rockers My Great Affliction have a lot to live up to. Not to worry though as new EP Paragon of Girth packs a huge punch and a kick to the nuts. With the driving guitar on Good Times To Come and guttural vocals from Ste, you can’t help but be reminded of bands like Motorhead and Black Sabbath.””

“My Great Affliction know how to knock out some vintage sounding rock ‘n’ roll tunes and they know how to deliver them with ballbusting vocal prowess.”

“Now performing as a three-piece, My Great Affliction play their music hard and heavy and generate a fair few decibels of raw rock sound. Although being influenced by a wide range of bands and music, My Great Affliction have a style that has brought them much recognition and with the promise of more to come later this year, it will be worth keeping an ear close to the ground.”

“My Great Affliction are another band that I have seen on a number of occasions, usually at smaller venues than The Slade Rooms, and whilst they are undoubtedly fine musicians, Ste Goughs gruff vocal can come across as a little intense at times. Tonight, however, was a revelation! With a big PA and a decent mix, Ste nailed it. Daz Wright’s thundering bass was brain-numbingly heavy, and Craig Horobin beat the skins like a man possessed. Excellent set, and worthy of the ticket price in itself.”

“My Great Affliction are a stomping three-piece with a far fuller sound than their lineup gives them any right to be. Their move last year from quintet to trio has somehow left them more powerful rather than less”

“My Great Affliction were the band that rocked up on stage treating the forum members to their heavy sounds. Clearly revelling in the moment of being the first band to play Download 2010, lead singer Dylan Southey hailed out “good afternoon Donington!”, before busting out a flurry of fist-pumping tracks. With a shout out to the crowd, the five-piece delivered a stunning show with their hard rock material, kicking off the Festival with a bang.”

“My Great Affliction. Sounding even better than ever, they gave a tight, intense performance of their dark aggressive sound that saw them go down well with The Rainbow crowd. It's good to see that they have upped their game making them more-than-ever a band to checkout. ”

“M.G.A describe themselves as a ‘full throttle rock and roll band’ from Wolves and they are just that! The band say “we don’t write music according to trends or current fashions,” rather they play the music they want to hear, inspired by Queen, Motley Crue, Guns ‘n Roses and Metallica.”