My Favorite Scar / Press

“MY FAVORITE SCAR has made one really impressive debut album, ever since I got it with the mail it has been stuck in my CD player"”

"A kick ass album that every metal fan has got to have"

"There is no way around this band. My Favorite Scar delivers a debut album that can be compared to the quality of the album that Creed released - just after they reformed as Alter Bridge"

"My Favorite Scar displays on their debut not only the quality, but also the material to break their music on an international level"

"This could be the Heavy Dutch Hit, even across the borders"

Veronica Magazine - Album Review

"This debut CD from My Favorite Scar could just be the boot that kicks down the global metal doors for this band. Expect My Favorite Scar to smash out a big chunk of the rock and metal world here very soon"

Hollywood Music Magazine - Album Review

"Nobody's perfect, but this Dutch quintet gets very close to perfection on this debut album"

Bart Nijssen - Rock Tribune Magazine (BE)

“Aardschok Magazine: 85/100 pnts "Album of the Month" (August 2010) "My Favorite Scar created high expections. They met them all the way, and beyond."”