My Darling Clementine / Press

“A Johnny and June for our times. ****4/5”

Manchester Evening News

“All-new duets that carry the sting of authentic classics. Just wonderful! **** 4/5”


“Fighting to love and loving to fight sums it all up here, even if there are never any real conclusions to be had. For My Darling Clementine songs, there's no separating the two thoughts.”

“Without doubt the best country album of the year. *****5/5 - Editors pick of the month”


“Wow! This is some ‘knock the dust off your boots” country music. Ain’t it a bitch to know that music like this exists yet glossy pop songs sung in hick accents is what passes for ‘country’ now? Not a dud in the chamber. 4 out of 5”