Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart / Press

"Simply beautiful, graceful and seamless songwriting here, Matt...Lovin' the honesty and power of "The Weather" and "The Light and the Sea"..and knocked out by the gorgeous "Wounded Healer"..really love the way you "hide" the chorus in that song, so the song becomes about the full lyric not just building each time to a single idea in a chorus hook..That's a really clever and powerful piece of writing. Diggin your skills!"

“The Light and The Sea is glorious. Love your sound and style. Rich singer-songwriter material.”

"Avalanche" - (My Fav) so live and vibrant - takes hold of you and just has my attention!

"Singer/songwriter Matt Wheeler's songs are influenced heavily by his faith. His songs are songs from the heart and the sentiment often comes shining through."

“The band's acoustic melodies are thoughtful and soul-searching as guitar and harmonica are fused for a mellow sound.”