Must...Not...Kill / Press

“One of Tampa's heaviest and most brutal bands...the foursome delivers a ridiculously heavy wall of sound that hits with the same force as being kicked in the chest by an angry hippo...blast it at the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, that's make those towel heads cradle their Koran's and cry like little girls.”

Jack Rudzinski - Rivot Rag Magazine

“The day was filled with wet and heavy music, including the early local jump-starters Must ... Not ... Kill, above. These guys always put on a great show, and I was pleased to see them get a spot at Mayhem.”

“Coming from an area of the country known for producing death metal bands,one of the hardest factors is differentiating yoursleves from the other bands. For Must...Not...Kill though, the musical limitations of the area play to their strength - being different.”

Andrew Gargano - Hails and Horns Magazine

“Must Not Kill was one of 13 opening bands at Mayhem Festival 2010, which got off to a wet start Tuesday. Must Not Kill took the stage at 2:20 with high energy and a shout of "WHAT'S UP TAMPA???" By the end of their set, they had a brimming mosh pit and a rapt audience for "Under the Banner of Heaven." A teenage fan with a mouthful of blood earned a Dean guitar from the band for "moshing the hardest."”