Mustang Corners / Press

“We can never get enough of this super group. Push play all and hear for yourself......Charles.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Christmas Buzz is so nice... loved it... nobody does it like da 'stangs!!!”

da boi derinho - RN

“I love this band.”

JC and Laney - Reverbnation

“Western Americana at its best.”

Billy Scrapper - Reverbnation

“Great story in your lyrics on "More Ice" my friends! John Revitte”


"Vegas" sounds wonderful, tender vocals, sweet words.

Kim Guthrie - RN

“Great job on "Bob's LA"!”

John Revitte - Reverbnatio

“hanging around mustang corners ~ great start to the morning listening to this pure music ~ positive vibes!”

pinksideofthemoon - reverbnation

“Great acoustic sounds and vocal harmonies on Don't Talk Like That. A true Americana sound!!”

Kenny Heroux - Reverbnation

"More ice" sounds really great, the vocals are so upfront and clear, clever tune.

Kim Guthrie - RN

"don't talk like that" is the 'stangs at their very best! great vocals... i'm walkin' till i catch that train, y'all... someday, somehow... brilliant, guys... your huge fan, da boi d

Magneto Flobe - reverbnation

“Another great tune with "More Ice"...I enjoy your song.... Mike Denson”


“Killer lyricism and harmonies. Real music!”

Johnny Nordstrum - Reverbnation

“Heading down to Mustang Corners to get that addictive Americana Folk Rock we all love to get our groove on with. An awesome band to spend some listening time enjoying.”

Pizza Kings (Canadian band) - reverbnation

“ You guys are great! And I love the story of how you started playing together... "The Greenhouse Gasses"... Ha! Come play in L.A. so I can come watch! ”

Michaela K. (Artist) - reverbnation

“St George's Wood...awesome composition, arrangement & musicianship!”

R. Pickett Bugg (Artist) - Reverbnation

“Exceptional voice with pros backing the music. Kind of got a bit of Texas swing swirling aroung. Well done!!! ”

Vic Quinton (Artist)

“Love Your Vocals....Love Your Sound ....Love Your Song "Vegas" Cheerz & have a HUGE day! ”

Netty Mac - Reverbnation

“totally diggin that Sam Phillips meets Muscle Shoal vibe to "st george's wood"..feels modern and ancient at the same time..bit like the gorgeous lush harmonies of the nu-rockabilly groove of "come on rain".what a rockin good time to be had here.”

Mike White Present

“Your tracks are good company!”