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It all started a couple years back when Dave organized weekly jam sessions at his greenhouse. Various musicians with varying levels of social respectability and hygiene standards would get together for Friday afternoon-into the evening music fests. The motley crew that attended these jams became known as the Greenhouse Gasses (for reasons best left unsaid). Players came and went, but Dave and Tim and Bob, along with a few others, kept faithful to the Friday tradition.

Tim and Dave had long been writing songs, sometimes collaborating, sometimes just stealing ideas from each other. One night after a greenhouse session, they mumbled together incoherently about starting a real band. Dave wanted to do something a little more professional with a group that would actually tune their instruments sometimes and play all the strings (or at least most of them...) on their respective guitars, banjos, mandolins etc. Tim was interested in working with some musicians who washed their clothes, bathed occasionally and brushed their teeth with toothpaste once in a while.

Of all the Gasses Dave and Tim had been jamming with, Bob best fit the proverbial bill. #1, he always had plenty of strings as he was gainfully employed part-time at his cousin’s chop shop. #2, he was pretty consistent about brushing all four of his remaining teeth. And finally, he had an upright bass with 3, sometimes 4 strings, which was good because Dave had to sell his upright bass to pay one of those pesky past due electric bills.

So that’s the story. They named themselves Mustang Corners after one of their many grammatically challenged, illegibly written songs. Now Mustang Corners is writing more songs and playing all over the pueblo of Tucson. Sometimes they play tennis, sometimes they play cards, sometimes they play dead, and sometimes they perform their music at various venues in town. So smoke em if you got em, lift that glass, or even say a prayer, and come along for a ride with Mustang Corners. Check em out, why not, they really put a whole new twist on the Americana genre.

Bob's LA ....(Collier)
Deep Fat Fried....(Daldrup)
More Ice....(Knipe)
Vegas....(Prevatt, Daldrup)
Lava Don't Knock....(Knipe)
How's That Workin For You....(Collier)
Hot Mess....(I Knipe, Daldrup)
Russian Spring....(Knipe)
Don't Talk Like That....(Daldrup)
Three Red Roses....(Collier)
Black Mamba....(Knipe)
La Gordita....(Collier)
Ballerina.....(Dave Knipe, Tim Daldrup)
Tim's LA.....(Daldrup, Knipe, Collier)
Fault Line.....(Knipe)
Vegas.....(Tom Prevatt, Daldrup)
Bob's LA.....(Bob Collier)
Nobody Knows.....(Daldrup)
St. George's Wood.....(Knipe, Daldrup)
Paycheck in My Hand.....(Daldrup)
Runnin Through This Town.....(Knipe, Daldrup)
Come On Rain.....(Knipe, Daldrup)

more on the way.....

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Bob Collier, Dave Knipe, Tim Daldrup
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Mustang Corners
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Tucson, AZ
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