Music From Another Room / Press

"Music From Another Room is a band of brotherly love, literally. The group is rooted in brothers Steve (vocals, guitar) and Alex (lead guitar) Foht, who formed MFAR in 2007 with bassist Steve Pearson and drummer Ron Dunn. Their ambient power pop can be seen as landing somewhere in the middle of Jimmy Eat World and the Foo Fighters. Arson, a very catchy 4-track EP released in January 2009, featured skyscraper guitars and soaring vocals on tracks like “Arsonist’s Daughter” and “Echoes, Repeating.” The more conventional single “Reason To Believe” saw significant radio play on WXDX as well as various college stations. After collaborating with producer and Punchline frontman Steve Soboslai in the Summer of 2011, MFAR entered Studio 344 with producers Brette Ciammarra and Glenn Campagna to record their first full length, Departures. Fans have already gotten a taste of the album on the MFAR official and social network pages with the gut-punch single “Tell Me.” "

"Music From Another Room is an ambient rock band from Pittsburgh that has a fun sound and a great live presence. As soon as the band took the stage their excitement filled the room, ready to put on a great show. Their cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” was unique, entertaining and something that I didn’t expect to hear. This is certainly an all-ages band, as I noticed their fans ranged from two small children recording about the whole performance on their iPhone to a woman in her 50’s knowing almost every lyric."

"As the former PR Manager at the Benedum Center - I can’t think of a band more deserving of an opportunity than Music From Another Room. With their excellent work ethic and musical abilities they would be a perfect fit for any show. They're Pittsburgh's secret weapon! ... Trust me- they rock!"

Saul Markowitz - Testimonial

"With guitar riffs and vocal harmonies that would make even The Juliana Theory speechless, Music From Another Room opened their set on October 2, 2008 at Mr. Smalls Funhouse in Millvale, P.A to cheering fans. Music From Another Room, who is made up of drummer Ronald Dunn, guitarists Alex Foht and Tim Ernst, bass player Rich Mason, and vocalist Steve Foht are part of the fast growing Pittsburgh local music scene. Lucky for them, they have a wide range of musical experience under their belts."

Jessica Nethen - The CCAC Voice

“Another of my favorites (at Warped Tour) was the Pittsburgh band Music From Another Room, who performed on that same stage a few hours earlier. The four-man band played... in the first time slot of the day. The pop-rock band had a lot of catchy tunes and a Simple Plan-like sing-along”

“This pop/rock sound is evident in “Departures,” released April 17, 2012. ... the album [is] all about honing their sound and providing a cohesive mix of songs within their genre, from faster-paced songs like “Tell Me” and “Escape Artist” to slower-paced songs with ambient elements like "Gravity".”