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“Just checking out your page : ) Very unique style ! Have you sent your demo to Virgin”

“Just listened to "Tensions among Us" on Greg Blachman's gear chat, wow, awesome, listening to a few here.   Loving the vibe here, wicked, good skills on this page!”

“You're in a genre by yourself, man! Interesting bio, too, on the other site. For some reason, I thought I'd become your fan a while ago.”

“What an amazing thing music is. Singer/songwriter is thought of as soft at time, but you prove that idea as false. Great, challenging music. I wish you well”

“wicked skills and deep, crunchy and dynamic sound to the cuts bro..lovin that riff for "cavity" and the great layering of guitars and tension in "contraption"..a stunning track!”

“Outstanding instrumentals, keep up the wonderful work, you're a very talented & gifted artist! God Bless you! Best wishes from England, Rob.”

“Contraption,Sample - "Clockwork…,Without Color.Powerful songs,excellent Alternative,All the best,Merry Xmas.Didorion”

“I still gotta say you're one of the most talented musicians I've ever met man. Do you still have all your recording equipment?”

“Chris, I think you're a great songwriter. Fanned you and listening again now. Would appreciate your opinion/feedback on my music.”

“cool tunes of yours, a pleasure to listen! :) Have a nice week! /H - Together Alone / Killerzmürf / Alfi / Amina”

“sounds good bro! keep doing what you guys do!”

“Enjoying "Cavity" this evening. Nice work!”

“:-) Wow Awesome passion and concept, I love the vibe and the tunes, Well crafted music”

“superb, genuine, outstanding ! much talent here !”

“Hope you had a very merry Xmas. Enjoying your superb music. Hope you have a great festive season and an even better new year!”

“Great stuff, man! Love it! Happy holidays :)”

“Gorgeous tracks...beautiful recordings...very tight...great work..!”

“Loving your great sounds Chris! Wishing you good luck & all the best from Paul (the current National No.1 Blues artist:)!”

“I find Vulnerable almost haunting. I like it! nice arrangement. Peace,”

“Holding Your Breath has great music, lyrics and the singing is great. ”

“you sing with a lot of feeling”

“Chris... Your website is awesome!! Pics are cool also but your music and songwriting is incredible. Keep up the good work!!”

“Nice covers, Christopher. Keep up the good work. From another songster.”

“Thanks for getting back to me and I am listening to your track "40 sec Demo" Great Stuff. lets try to keep in touch and thanks for listening....Walker”

“:-) Wow Awesome passion and concept, I love the vibe and the tunes, Well crafted music”

“great look and great tunes...”

“Good Stuff..keep kicking ass!!”

“You're no amiture thats for sure~! Be back to jam later on for sure.”


“Love the music! We should collab some time!!”

“A BIG shout-out from Central Cali! I love your sound! Will be following your work!”

“Your music is a lot of fun. Mario”

“I really like your music and sound! :) I wish you all the best!”

“you guys have a unique style and I love it! Don't be afraid to swing by my page, thanks. -Andrew”

“hey, really enjoyed your page. Keep up the good work.”

“Nice work on these tracks!”

“excellent melodies respect to you”