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Musical Blades / Press

"It was an amazing show. I had one of the best times I've ever had at one of your shows."

facebook comment

"Loved you guys sooo much. had so much fun... yalls rock the big stage!"

- facebook comment

"When I got to the [drive through] window, the kid taking my money made me sit there til "Modern Day Pirate" played all the way through cuz he thought it was the coolest thing ever!"

- facebook comment

"The show was awesome. I had so much fun. And Whiskey in the Jar totally rocked!"

- facebook comment

"That was hands down the BEST concert I've ever been to! You guys kicked ass and took names!"

- facebook comment

"...I've recently stumbled across your music on iTunes. I was looking for a version of Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum that isn't on a kid's album. You guys blew me away! I love traditional folk songs, Irish songs, sea songs and a good story-song, and you guys fit the bill. I've listened to Johnny Home about fifty times in two days... I have a dozen versions of whiskey in the jar and yours kicks ass!"

Email - Joe Blackburn

"I’ve gotten to hear a good deal of their unreleased material, and I have to say the next Studio album will be pretty amazing. This is coming from me, who doesn’t normally go in for this style of music. The festival atmosphere combined with perfect five part harmony is pretty near impossible to beat."

Mark Temple (Tales of the Aggronaut - WoW Blog)

“I'm Jane a music Ed major and I live for music. Your music inspires me and helps to make each day a little better you guys really love what you do and that to me is what music is all about.”

yahoo groups

“One of, if not the best pirate bands in the Mid-West! The Blades have a following that packs the house everywhere they appear. Not your typical Pirate band by any means! ”

Brownville Renaissance Festival and Pirate Cruise


Kansas City Renaissance Festival

"Without a doubt, what you come to the Renaissance Festival for! The finest group of Pirates, featuring some of the best music you can find. The Blades are destined to be a legend in the Renaissance circle."

Joplin, MO Renaissance Festival web site

"On their new album, Piratically Incorrect, the Musical Blades show themselves to be a band that fits the pirate mould to a T, while at the same time defying stereotypes and common trends. Their music is soulful yet strong - many of their songs speak of the sort of non-denominational spirituality one finds when clinging to the railing during a squall, while others demonstrate the irreverance one exhibits once making it safely ashore again (and thusly to the nearest tavern.)..."

Bilge Munkey Music Reviews

“They [Musical Blades] were so good we bought two CDs the first time we heard them..."”

Bosun Red - Pyracy,com

"I first fell in love with the blades in Fall of 07 at the Wichita RenFest and own 3 of the 4 (6) albums all autographed. I'm on their Myspace and also listen to them on Bilge Munky" / "I think that the Musical Blades are amazing. I saw them over the weekend in STL, and just thought they were awesome. Love their music."

Yahoo Groups

"My first year working at the Kansas City Renn Fest....was 1983. Ive seen tons of musical groups and acts come and go and I can say, with a certain amount of certainty that your guys (Musical Blades) are simply one of the most entertaining and fan approachable groups that has ever graced our stages. Its no wonder you have amassed the fan base you've got. Not to mention the accumulation of new original material, keepin it fresh. Not that it means much coming from me (Im a Nobody :) but you continue to Impress me with your passion to entertain..."

Matt Cobern - Facebook

“On their new album, Piratically Incorrect, the Musical Blades show themselves to be a band that fits the pirate mould to a T, while at the same time defying stereotypes and common trends. Their music is soulful yet strong...”

“What does a swashbuckling buccaneer do when he gives up sword fighting: How about singing a song. I reverted back to doing what I do best… singing and writing songs,” said Albert Hall. The Musical Blades, a singing group with a pirate motif, performing at this year’s Renaissance Festivals.”

“The smell of rum, the sea, and black powder. The crashing of the waves and the sails snapping in the wind. The creaking of timbers over the raucous laughter of gentlemen of fortune. You're not at a Renaissance Festival you're there with the Musical Blades, part of the crew of the Prickly Bitch....”

“All told, "A Knife to Remember" is a decent, if not stellar, pirate album. In it, The Musical Blades show real talent - they clearly have what it takes to place themselves on the piratey charts. This skill is clearly displayed on several songs, making this a fine album for any piratey collection.”

“Aye the wait is over and musical blades has finally landed in itunes. All other bands should beware... If you love pirate music I strongly recommend you walk the plank and shell out the few doubloons to buy this album... I am so happy to finally have them on my ipod!”

“These guys are amazing! I love hearing their hilarious pirate songs! I have to say my favorite is probably Captain Curse... I am a HUGE fangirl for these guys. I loooooove them... I seen these guys at the St. Louis Ren Fest, They were Great!!!!... ”

“I remember seeing these guys at Council Bluffs. Best part of the Faire... You have quite the loyal fan following going on ever since I brought your 'surrender the Booty' CD to my friends party!I love you guys so much and the lassies have a soft spot for Patch! ”

“I have found the funniest thing ever, comical pirate songs on CD. Went to a Renaissance Festival last weekend and found as much pirate stuff as medieval stuff. Included among my booty was... a couple of CDs, including the Musical Blades: A Knife to Remember CD. Very funny.”

“We're thrilled to hosting a number of their songs from their upcoming album, Piratically Incorrect, available later this Summer. ”

"...for the first time ever this festival hosted The Musical Blades, which was a great treat being as I’ve been a fan for years, yet never able to meet them or catch a live show."

“One bloke truly made my day by yelling out during the end of a Musical Blades performance that he heard them on Bilgemunky Radio”