Mushy Callahan / Press

"Mushy Callahan was arguably one of the biggest hits of the night, not just because the room was packed with people captivated by them, but because people were mentioning that this group of brothers was their favourite..." -NXNE 2015

"Weathered Eyes" added to MTV in USA and Canada

“Mushy Callahan's Video "Survival" added to Much Music, CMT, M3, MTV, VH1, and Aux.TV”

"Mushy Callahan's releases, "Loose Lips" [Official video]"

““Stick to our roots. We can think of countless bands that stray away from the initial idea of making good music. Too many bands are dishing out records without any respect to their craft. Of the few bands that haven’t sold out this way, we are loyal fans of.” -Noah from Mushy Callahan”

"Mushy Callahan shares their philosophies on life and how they got their name"

"A special thank you goes out to Mushy Callahan for playing an amazing set that night. You guys rock!...I love this band!" - Les Luxembuger

"Alberta natives Mushy Callahan are taking the Toronto music scene by storm" - The Examiner

“EP CD release party”

"A bio, news and latest releases are discussed as we chat with Lucas from Mushy Callahan"