Murzik / Press

“Even Leonard Cohen needs songs to listen to. He is sitting in his living-room, in his robe, staring at his 5-CD changer. He has eaten a bowl of cereal and later he will shower. Right now he just wants to hear a song. He wants a song like a song he would sing, but lustier, in a way, and a little plainer. He craves a kindred spirit, not mimicking words. He does not want to mope. He wants to be lifted into his day, up and into the streets, full of beautiful women.”

“Their sound, which employs a delicate mixture of accordions, bells, and a glockenspiel along with your more "traditional" instruments, is unquestionably the stuff often referred to as "gypsy music," but it's also subdued and minimalist, yet never boring or part of the background din.”

“Murzik contain the almost mystically-brooding sounds of Eastern and continental Europe, deepest North-Americana and all reaches of cold-weathered country.”