Murphy's Kids / Press

“Positive Energy. That's the best two words I could come up with to describe this great group of musicians. They consistently put on stellar shows... and they do so with their main goal as to create an inclusive, exciting, and innovative environment.”

““This show put rock ‘n’ roll to a new age reggae beat and really tore the house down. {There} was amazing musicianship all around and unlike anything I’ve seen in the area.” ”

"Their newest album is a reflection of changes and growth within the band and the continuation of their goal to spread positivity and good tunes. Their sound is one of heavy reggae rhythms and solid rock and roll."

“No longer a straight ahead, ska-punk band, {Murphy's Kids} full length gives the group a little more room to explore new ideas.”

“Murphy's Kid are still commanding audiences up and down the East Coast and all around Virginia after over eight years of performing”

“With socially conscious lyrics and unparalleled energy on stage, no matter the size of the crowd or the type of venue, Murphy’s Kids consistently deliver musically tight and visually entertaining shows without fail.”