Murnane Tribe / Press

“I’m back my fellow deviants with yet another independent review! This time I am reviewing Murnane Tribe a trio that is a hard rock outfit. I would like to start off by saying these guys have a lot of potential and talent. I had the chance to check out their music on their website www.murnanetribe.com. In total I listened to 12 tracks, all that they had to offer other than the live tracks. My review of those songs is as follows……”

“Hailing from Columbus Ohio, Murnane Tribe are a hard rock and metal powerhouse of a band drawing on influences from heavy metal giants. Fans of Metallica and Quiet Riot will hear echo's of similar brutality, blended with a Zakk Wylde-esque guitar tone. The overall production within their songs is excellent. It has a real classic eighties metal vibe with a bass drum kick that is set to blow out windows and destroy car stereos. Fronting this well oiled metal machine is lead vocalist and bassist Tony Logan, a man with a voice that combines a hard edge approach mixed with sincere soulfulness. Drums that sound like they've crept up from the depths of hell are provided by Sean Hargis. Meanwhile razor sharp guitar riffs and technical solo's are flaunted by Mike Murnane, the driving force behind Murnane Tribe. With songs such as the all or nothing Fast And Free, the groove of 'Out But Not Down' and the eerie guitar tones of 'Whistlers Hall', Murnane Tribe show great diversity......”

“When listening to Murnane Tribe you feel as if you’re at an Alice Cooper or Metalica concert wanting to bang your head alongside the vocals and the heavy power beats from the bass and drum solos. Murnane Tribe has the perfect feel for songs you would hear on the popular video game Guitar Hero and an easy-going sound you don’t have to think too much about, letting them pull you in to just have an all around good time. They have a live show video taped on their website that made it apparent how fun their shows are with people yelling and jamming in the background. Murnane Tribe is the type of band you wouldn’t mind going to some dive-bar and watching for a night of good tunes and unnoticed talent. Although not very known, Murnane Tribe seems to have a loyal fan-base not ready to throw them into the pile of wannabe metal heads just yet.”