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"Belgium is just across the border from where I live. Belgium is also the country where Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors and Lynyrd Skynyrd live. They all live in the house of Stef and Yolanda Flaming, and the houses of their band members in Murky Red. Actually, in the dark 1960’s and 1970’s I suspect various members of aforementioned bands got together in some weird orgy that led to the procreation of Stef, Yolanda and their fellow band members Patrick Dujardin, Luk Lantin, Rene Marteaux and Marie Vancamp. There is no other way to explain the influences of all these bands in the music of Murky Red." Murky Red have their own sound, which is a mix of all of the above, in different combinations. Still, everything seems to fit together, resulting in an album that contains varied sounds, but always recognisable as Murky Red.

“Translated extract (Dutch to English) from the review: The strength of this pleasant debut of Murky Red is in the relaxed atmosphere. It is a relativistic album that brings you to rest after a long day at work or during a long trip. The Belgians let us hear to be a promising collective and luckily we are going to hear more from them, because the band is currently writing material for a second full-length album.”

“This year Murky Red published the video of “Black Beast Rising”, a track from their debut album, on Youtube. Considering all their influences, Murky Red wisely focuses on their strengths and passion: the music. From the chilling instrumental opening, to the glorious raging darkness of the closing bars, “Black Beast Rising” presents the band is in all its musical glory. The song has a dark haunting quality to it, moving through several interesting parts that never sound dull or forced. The beauty of this band’s sound is that it’s very visual and evocative. In particular the second half, is one phenomenal stretch of spine-tingling music. Keyboards, drums, bass, and guitars blend wonderfully to create beautiful soundscapes – and Stef Flaming’s spectacular guitar solo cries, whispers and howls throughout the entire journey.”

“The opening track starts off as a boogie rocker with frequent mood and rhythm changes. Best comparison would be Stooges, but also Nick Cave’s Grinderman for recent acts. Vocals are quite reminiscent of Nick Cave as well, and the league of gothic cabaret/gothic rock of the eighties, and for recent acts, the drummer/vocalist of electro-psychedelic rock band zZz, Björn Ottenheim. To the fury of the Stooges-inspired music succeed floydian atmospheres with aerial guitars and synth notes repeated at regular intervals. A dark-ambient mood opens the second song, with slow guitar touches, slide guitar and soft piano layers. Then some “muddy” guitars and solid drums enter and the whole sadness is tempered by organ layers. A virtuosic guitar solo followed by raging guitars conclude the track. I rate this album 5 stars.”

“My conclusion is that “Time Doesn’t Matter” is a strong debut album that should have a wide appeal. Fans of late 70′s Pink Floyd appears to be something of a key audience, especially those who tend to enjoy the darker side of this universally well known band and in particular if they also have a certain affection for the good, old blues. In addition I’d recommend fans of Norwegian band Madrugada to give this one a spin, and in particular those who find their first album to be the most intriguing of that band’s release history. My rating: 85/100”

“Since a very very long time I haven't heard such a deep warm and multilayered rock sound as in "On New Year's day". I think I listened to it seven times in a row. It's absolutely addictive. I'm really happy I discovered you!”

Christopher Marlowe - Munster University

“WOW! 'Heal my bleeding heart' is an intelligent and well recorded piece of music that BY FAR is up there with Waters and Floyd and all the magic and all the cogs in the wheel that the 21st century true musician has been forever trying to capture. This is a masterpiece. An original. GREAT WORK. I am so humbled. Thanks for posting. I would like to share with my community. Permission to share?”

David G. Christen

“Oh man, I love the vocals in this band - not only, of course, but they're gutsy and soulful, to say the least! Perfect soundtrack music. Dark prog country at its best, if that's a valid category. Get on your horse or Harley and smoke a pipe of kif.”

Fred Lessing, Progwall

“This track is OH SO HOT!!!! It's cold outside but it melts your heart, any heart that's for certain! That guitar solo oh so uplifting, those vocals sang with total feeling and strong emphasis on the message of the lyrics are the perfect combination of an exceptional heartfelt and emotional feel good closing one's eyes dreamy bluesy rock ballad stunning track!!!! Wow!!!! This single is available from Melodic Revolutions Records on the 27th! Have a listen and fall in love with this song just like me :))) I listened to this track on headphones, on speakers and also on pc speaker, no matter which method you listen with, it's classic outstanding brilliant, magic sound quality too!”

Sonia Mota - Artist of artwork for the band Corvus Stone

“Your band rock so freaking hard! I love that tune, especially the vocal and the beat. I rarely find that kind of sound in today's music, keep rockin'!”

Will - last fm