Murfy's fLaw / Press

“ROFFEKE chats with Nambari Tisa of Murfy’s Flaw about music video directing and the movie store problem!”

“Woman personalities support Woman’s Day tonight”

“Kenyan alternative rock band Murfy's fLaw have began a music mentorship program for high schools. The band held the first workshop at Precious Blood Secondary School Riruta, with the aim of promoting their new album, and to mentor young students to acquire a proper basis of education to tackle the entertainment industry. With their music mentorship program, Murfy’s fLaW is looking to share some of their music experiences and lessons learnt.”

“Kenyan rock fans rejoice. One of the country's best rockers have released an amazing video for an equally good song.”

“Of the active bands, probably the most successful is Murfy's fLaw. With a sound drawing heavily on early 90's alt-rock, this nearly-all-female band is one of the first bands in the Kenyan scene to record a full length album.”

“Amani came with a fully-fledged all-girl band, the Murfy’s FLaw. Hers was the top-notch performance.”

“Along with harder edged rock bands like Last Year's Tragedy and Murfy's Flaw, they [Just A Band] form the foundation for a vibrant music scene in Nairobi.”

“They’ve got a lot more new music now and perform every first Friday of the month at Daas Restaurant, Westlands. Also at the BotB every first Sunday of every month at Choices, Baricho Road. You will sometimes find them at Brew Bistro, Ngong Road along with another Kenyan Rock outfit, M2O.”

“Man! What a battle this! Choices was really rocking it this past weekend during the Battle of the Bands(BOTB); The Black Parade edition! This show was even bigger than the last edition with many past BOTB winners in the line up. All the bands gave it their all and the crowd was loving every minute of it, keeping them on their feet throughout the show.”

“I’ll admit that for a continent which is widely believed to have been the place that rock & roll originated, I was having trouble finding African metal or even rock bands. But somebody alerted me to these guys, Murfy’s Flaw. They sounded okay but to be honest I thought they had more of an indie feel.”

“... I especially love the fact that this band demonstrates that people from different ethnic and racial groups can work together and make beautiful music together - literally and metaphorically!”

“Sun eve, went for Jazz Rock at Nu-Metro junkie ta listen to ‘Murphy’s Flaw,’ dat verr talented all-lady except Number Tisa rocky band, n drank bad Schweppes wit Blue Moon vodo n skooms. Advice? Stick ta Smirnoff!”

“Murfy’s Flaw, [has] a crazy guitarist called Number Nine, who on a good night sounds a bit like Hendrix. They just released a CD called “Makosa,” which features a great original tune that I love, called “Been Okay.” It sounds sort of like the kind of rock music that came out of San Francisco in the ’60s. ”

“There once was a girl, she had a dream, to be an architect, a rock star and most of all, a wife and mother.”

“The event was not only a launch, but it was also a confirmation that rock is a budding music genre in Kenya which is slowly-but-surely making a stand in the music scene.”

“As usual, Murfy’s Flaw, which is fast gaining popularity in the music industry, did not fall short of giving their fans a good performance.”

“Rock might not be a popular music genre in Kenya but it’s (making an) impact in a silent yet profound way. ‘Murfy’s Flaw’... Members, Reema, Punky, Nine, Jozie, Vicky and Jojo shed some light on what rock is, the challenges rock artists face, and the groups plans for the future.”

“'Murfy's Flaw' were next on stage, the crowd could not hide their excitement as they began screaming as soon as the name was mentioned.”

“Similarly, “Your Friend” by Murfy’s Flaw elicits these same emotions: happiness, sorrow, regret and love.”

“My favorite was without a doubt Murphy’s Flaw, made up of 5 chicks and a dude, I think their secret is in that arrangement cause it was magic.”

“... Jojo's keyboard-playing brought tears to my eyes. I've always thought that the keyboard/piano is more superior to the guitar...”