"Murdervan’s new EP is a gem...reminds me of all that good heavy rock bordering hardcore punk that you grew up listening to. wailing guitar and vocals, solid bass and drums, make for a very heavy listening session...You guys are much better at what you do than a lot of other bands around here."

Unknown - Unknown

"...It's a winning mix of Motorhead's velocity and grit, punk's who-cares attitude and a smidge of psychedelia."

Columbus, Ohio Dispatch

"On Friday night, I saw Murdervan take the stage down at Cherry St. Station.They took heavy rock songs and tore them apart like taffy into droning, wailing chunks of elastic feedback. I can only imagine that catching Green River or Tad in a divey Seattle club had the same great rock 'n roll reek."

Dan Barry - Hartford Advocate

"Murdervan are a grunge band. I don't think there's any denying that. It's as if they were somehow sent here through some time/space vortex from Seattle 1990. They are good, though. Even when falling down drunk by the end of the set."

King David - New Haven Register

"Murdervan sound friggin' great when played loud through a car stereo. This isn't really stoner metal--more like Leatherface meets Thin Lizzy (okay, so maybe that does describe stoner metal). If someone asked me which band I like the most right now, I'd say Murdervan."


"Murdervan wasted no time after a brief soundcheck and then immediately tore into a shortened set that was fast and loud as hell. they have this way of playing extremely loose, while still sounding incredibly tight. If you go see 'em, you'll find out."

Dave Zukauskas - onebaseonanoverthrow.blogspot.com