Murder Party! / Press

“Equal parts spooky and silly, Murder Party! make punk rock that’s blatantly smartass but sinfully brilliant. With lyrics about the undead and outlaws, the band’s six-song debut EP plays like a retro B-movie marathon on fast-forward. Running through influences ranging from ‘50s rockabilly to ‘70s punk, with touches of Motown, ska and garage rock thrown in for good measure – all in under 20 minutes – the set proves these three vets of Grand Rapids punk scene know their history as well as their hooks. For the sake of full disclosure, Recoil’s own Ryan Cunningham produced/mixed/mastered the disc, however, Murder Party! have more than enough originality to make this a must-listen for any local music fan. Check it out now at http://murder-party.bandcamp.com”

“It’s hard to pinpoint but there’s something I like about the new 6 song EP from Michigan’s Murder Party. I hadn’t heard of them until I streamed this EP and it may be slightly rough around the edges but its actually a pretty fun little album. If you’re looking for something new to check out give it a listen.”

“A trio of friends and musicians from Grand Rapids area have come together to create rock n’ roll sensation “Murder Party.” Consisting of members of bands like Nuke and the Living Dead, Dynaflo, The Hubies, and 40 Oz. of Spite, these gentlemen have seen their share of stages. For those unfamiliar with these acts, the members of Murder Party comes from a primarily punk rock background. Long time friends and band mates Chubby and Tommy have migrated from their Northern Michigan home and found a local niche for themselves that consists of a network of musicians and friends. Murder Party fuses a love for horror and heist films, rock n’ roll, and a punk rock bite. As the name and album cover suggest, the band creates tunes that not only provide an extremely fun and dance-driven musical experience, but also present dark themes and edgy seriousness that completes the overall package.”