Murder Park / Press

“Murder Park- Speaking in Cursive Trippy lyrics to an electric-folkish waltz. They’re pretty much the official Friendcore supergroup, featuring old/current members of Still Stoked, Two Currents, I Do Not Exist +more.”

“Garth Clifton has been playing in bands since he was 15 (maybe before). He’s fronted full-throttle punk bands and done some acoustic solo stuff and ventured into this hybrid folk deal with his last band Still Stoked. In Murder Park, Clifton (backed by Janell Bowen and Lito Fernandes) has found his niche. It’s snarling and biting and edges on punk, but with none of the cliche trappings of the genre. The instrumental pieces had a Primus vibe (minus Les Claypool’s slap bass obviously).”

“Chock full of cynicism and disheveled corrido stylings, Murder Park present an album unique amongst its Friendcore brethren. The band borrows from Mexican Norteño music to share tales of anger and despair in the hellhole that is California. As singer/guitarist Garth Clifton sings in "California is A Prison (White Skies)", the "Sunshine State" is nothing more than an illusion. That sense of hopelessness also pervades "Speaking In Cursive", possibly the albums best track. Over jangly guitars and a rollicking beat, Clifton likens the Central Valley to a cannibalistic force eating away at its own inhabitants. But despite all the bitterness, the album is still full of vigor. Though they may hate living in California, it seems that for the time being, Murder Park is making the most of it.”

“The sound of the band that I heard develop is a little old school with a modern twist. A lot of emphasis goes into just one instrument (drum or guitar) with lyrics being sung. A little reminiscent of the old cowboy ballots of the 1930s. As the song progresses, they add more instruments and the sound evolves into upbeat rock by the chorus. Garth’s girlfriend Phoebe calls the sound “the new generation of rock.” I listen to two new songs being made as the night goes on. I ask Garth, who has many of these songs already written, how he comes up with the lyrics, “I believe it’s already been written. I don’t sit down to write a song, the music just comes to me, it’s already there.” You can perhaps hear the wisdom of generations in his lyrics as in the song “Speaking in Cursive”: It seems we are no more than cannibals feasting on the scraps of the men who came before us. I spent 88,000 years in the light house waiting for you to come to the shore.”