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“So here’s something unexpected: instruments on stage. Drums and amps set up for, like, a band. Maybe this is the “Ghetto Metal” they’re talking about. And another shocker, show is said to start at 9PM, and a band hit the stage at 8:04. Cool, let’s get this started early, is this ‘Bazaar Royal’? They’re the only opener listed. No it isn’t at all. It’s a band called “Murder League All Stars”. Make fun of the name all you want, but 30 seconds into their first song they were already better then Limp Bizkit-True Story. They had a bassist, guitarist and drummer rocking out while a two man lyrical attack that had the funky rhymes a la Beastie Boys combined with a splash of band like the Deftones. Both guys were rapping, but they were also screaming at heavy volume at times too. Me, Chach, and the photographer chick representing The Source magazine were really digging them…”

“The night began with openers from The Murder League All-Stars, a cross breed with a sound and look of Cypress Hill-meets-Beastie Boys-meets-Rage Against The Machine.”

“The ISH…REPPIN FOR NU JERU aka JERZ aka THE GARDEN STATE…”like my homegirl Snooki…” I can’t call it “This Or That” but all we know is that this music makes you wanna Party like The BEASTIES and “Nod Your Head To This” like the Kings of Swing and MAD SKILLZ aka SKILLZ. Labeled as a Heavier Limp Bizkit, a Funkier Chili Peppers, and a more Shred To The Ounce Korn, the band Murder League All-Stars is “All That And Then Some…” to quote Phife Dog…Enough talkin, click play and see for yourself as they set the crowd ablaze at Clifton New Jersey’s DingBatz Nightclub, the new CBGB’s for emerging bands…BAND MEMBERS Tim McMurtrie:MIC ONE, Eddie Night:MIC TWO, DJ DOLAMARX:TURNTABLES, Dave Lescinsky:DRUMS, Mike Hufnagel:GUITAR, Jeff Wood:BASS ”

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“I recently got an unmixed copy of the debut CD from Murder League All Stars featuring former M.O.D. and Rhythm Trip head honcho Tim McMurtrie, and I am blown away! The CD is a great blend of hard rock riffs meets hip-hop! Tim and my boy Eddie Night, who used to sing for the band Ten Feet From Murder, really compliment each other’s vocal styles well. The songs that really stood out for me were the title track, “Murder League All Stars,” “Americanized” and “Most People Suck!” Check Murder League All Stars out now at reverbnation.com/murderleagueallstars, especially because my bro Big Dave is playing drums!”

“Tim McMurtrie and his Murder League All-Stars will be making their New York City debut next Tuesday night (Dec. 20) at S.O.B.’s. According to singer Eddie Night, Murder League All-Stars will be joining the ‘Ghetto Metal’ movement and will be performing with Bazaar Royale and A Broken Code. Get down to S.O.B.’s next Tuesday and support your North Jersey boys! For more info on Murder League All-Stars, log onto reverbnation.com/murderleagueallstars.”

“Hardcore Hip-Hop Metal in Hoboken. Conjuring up memories of rap and metal as newlyweds. Back when rap was still new, still dangerous. June 23, 2010: Guttural screams and massive beats mix with searing tuned-down guitar, booming bass, syncopated scratching from the DJ, and old-school, spitfire rhymes. Add it up and we have Murder League All-Stars. The night was filled with classic raps from days past. Conjuring memories of days when rap and metal were newlyweds. Back when upstarts like Run DMC saved the career of again Aerosmith. Back when rap was still new, still dangerous. Hopes are high for the return of Murder League All-Stars with their own brand of original compositions. They are not a cover band or tribute act, they are simply new with a limited library. They have the skills, the balls and certainly the volume. It'll be good to hear what comes next. ”

“MURDER LEAGUE ALL-STARS - featuring former members of M.O.D., AUTUMN HOUR, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SHAT and HADES among others - will be guests this Friday, January 14th on WVOX'S Metal Mayhem show in New York which airs from 6-10PM. Host Matt O'Shaughnessy will present what he calls "one of the most original and innovative groups of the decade" exclusively on WVOX 1460 AM, and worldwide at WVOX.com. ”