MUNQS / Press

"You can easily put this album on repeat and take another journey, and learn something again at every play through."

"Corey Lawson, aka MunQs, has put together an EP full of great rock-pop-soul-electronica… That’s right folks, I resorted to creating a new genre just for this guy. The reverb-laden instrumentation on “It’s Gotta Be Hell” fills quite a nice sonic space, and Lawson’s voice ebbs and flows smoothly over it all. Super cool."

"...delirious slabs of electronica that float higher than the clouds, like the sultry “Motions” and the skeletal, Weeknd sounding “To Work.”

“Trial & Era, Munqs debut album is rich in character, deep in meaning, and much like basking in a schizophrenic arboretum; the diddies are beautiful indeed, but it’s to be noted that these infectious songs are an evolutionistic blend of styles from Munqs creative mind from then (5 years ago) to now. Each song has a bouncible attraction— it’s like a tetherball game through hip-hop hooks, spoken word verses, guitar heavy backdrops, and new age rhythms. Much like a story, the album will bring you from the eyelashes of love, the flipside of wonder, and the downfall of a broken kiss. It short, it’s like pulling the cork on aged rum; the inner workings of this album and its creator, definitely illustrate the sentiment that some things do get better with time. After your first listen of Trial & Era, you’ll definitely be ready for another taste of this 8 track masterpiece.”