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“We were at the Concert of the Year Thursday night, March 8. The Dave Munnelly Band was at The Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago under the invite of the man, John Daly and his Concert Series featuring the best in Irish music. The five artists provided the greatest Irish music concert we have ever attended. Dave Munnelly on box, Kieran Munnelly on flute and bodhran, Tony Byrne on guitar and Paul Kelly on fiddle and mandolin were joined by Chicago's own Kat Eggleston on vocals in a stunner of an evening. Just ask anyone smart enough to have been there. The tunes! Good Lord---then there was Kat singing her heart out and winning ours all over again. As we write this, it was five nights ago, and we are still gob- smacked and out of words. Unbelievable. We are sure John will have them back. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait---BTW, Munnelly Band WILL be at Irish Fest again this summer in Milwaukee. What a great night!!! ”

Bill Margeson - Live Ireland.com

“The David Munnelly Band is out with a brand new album, Tight Squeeze. This marks the fourth outing for the group featuring Dave Munnelly on button box, Paul Kelly on fiddle and mandolin, Kieran Munnelly on flute and percussion and Shauna Mullin doing the vocals. The band usually travels with Ferghal Scahill on guitar and fiddle, and/or the superb Ryan Molloy on piano, who also did the arrangements for this album. Making an appearance on the album are four cuts of tunes including brass arranged by Molloy.”

Bill Margeson - Irish Music Magazine

“It’s tempting to imagine that the excitement propelling this deliriously eclectic compendium might bear some kinship to the finest recordings of the great Sligo fiddler Michael Coleman back in the 1920s and 1930s. Mayo accordionist David Munnelly has been the driving force behind what could be called the E Street Band of traditional music. Mixing a raft of newly composed tunes by Munnelly and mandolinist/ fiddler/ tenor banjo player Paul Kelly with borrowings from Karine Polwart, John Martyn and La Bottine Souriante, Tight Squeeze captures the electricity of live performance with a gamey eye and mischievous ear. Munnelly thrives on rhythmic peculiarities that cross over into jazz-tinged celebrations with surprising ease. An apt companion piece for a band renowned for its spellbinding live sets.”

Siobhan Long - Irish TImes