Matthew mule McKinley / Press

“While we scarfed pie, we got to enjoy the absolutely bad ass blues of Matthew "Mule" McKinley. You guys have to check this kid out. I joke often about a singer "takin' us to church," but listening to Matt was truly a spiritual experience at times, especially when he brought out that resonator. I'm so glad I got to share a stage with him.”

“This past Friday at Red Hook Coffee and Tea was the opening of a show by artist and designer Lauren Ladner. There was also a live performance by blues musician Matthew “Mule” McKinley, for whom she designed the artwork on his just-released album, “Alone on the Orange Floor.” McKinley strapped on his guitar — at one point also a banjo — and got the visitors at the show stomping. His bluesy Maryland jams even drew in a couple people from the street to check out the show, and it’s not hard to hear why. It’s almost impossible not to get moving along with his contagious strumming. His deep, dirty vocals often come from covers of old blues tunes from artists like Muddy Waters (whose actual first name was, coincidentally, McKinley). One of Ladner’s paintings depicts McKinley in his element: slapping his standup bass. With the musician standing next to the likeness, the resemblance was uncanny.”

“The Steve Potter Blues Band plays Chicago/West Coast blues. With the irrepressible rhythm section of drummer Richie Spero and swinging bassist Matt McKinley, the band smokes. Guitarists Curry Werkheiser and Dave Griffith demand attention with their big toned phrasing and complimenting subtleties...”

“...Steve Potter Blues Band... The youngest member of the band, Matt McKinley, is considered a quadruple threat by some members, because he sings and plays bass, guitar and drums. However, his love is with the upright bass.”