Mud Rooster / Press

"...Despite their solid reputations as some of Central Florida's most accomplished musicians, DeQuasie, Young and Villar aren't afraid to inject decidedly unpolished swampiness into many of their renditions. It makes for exciting listening, whether they're channeling the wildness of Hound-Dog Taylor or churning out a sleek cover of Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic."

“You guys are Flabberrin Great, man”

Drunken man in Cocoa Beach Establishment - Mud Rooster Herald

"...ladies and gentlemen, meet Mud Rooster... the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist, Dave DeQuasie..Together with his bandmates, Jim Young on bass and (Jorge Villar) on drums,...Their moniker comes from the streak of mud often tailing bikers.."

T.I.Fraser - Orlando Weekly