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“Mudface’s first single release “HellFoot” from “The Bane Of Existence” is a scathing indictment of Humanity repeatedly making the wrong choices and heading down a dangerous path. A video for the song Premiered on February 12th, 2016 @ Revolver.com.”

“With the anticipation of a new release, The Bane of Existence, Bay Area’s Mudface is amped and ready for a big year with new music and live shows that will rock fans into submission with their powerful riffs and vicious heavy metal. The earth-shattering weight of songs like “Fed to the Lions” and “Hellfoot” coerces the listener into head banging and fist-pumping with the rhythm section. The band is on point with their latest release as the fans await their arrival to a nearby town to witness firsthand the mayhem and chaos known as Mudface. We caught up with vocalist Chris Dinsmore and guitarist Rob Kolowitz, (father of second guitarist in the band, Grant Kolowitz) to talk about the bond this band has built with this current lineup, their love for the fans and the real fear with the current political climate but with a cautious optimism for the future.”

“The Bane Of Existence is following Mudface’s mantra with heavy hitting tracks – their biggest ally the rough and ready instrumentals. The album is following relatively normal metal ideals, with lyrics that express sentiments towards war, hell, anger, fighting, ect. Meanwhile, their instrumentals are extremely guitar heavy with riffs to engage and entice listeners. This album is definitely mercilessly deafening. It is a great addition to metal listeners current collections – on the softer side vocally for some metal music I’ve previously reviewed, but I liked that because it made the lyrics distinguishable for first-time listeners – giving the emphasis this album needed. Rating: 7/10”

“Mudface are starting to pick up some steam with the release of their “Hellfoot” video, paving the way to their new The Bane of Existence album. We recently had a chance to speak with singer Chris Dinsmore and guitarist Rob Kolowitz about their new album and dig a little deeper into their history. Check out the chat below: Read More: Mudface Talk 'The Bane of Existence' Album, 'Hellfoot' Video | http://loudwire.com/mudface-the-bane-of-existence-album-hellfoot-video-more/?trackback=tsmclip”

“The Bane Of Existence is a hard hitting, evolving album with powerful vocals and lyrics that stays true to the old school methods of metal…. that no song starts and ends the same and the progression is like that of an explosion.With two vocalists, and two guitarists, backed by a bassist and drummer,and a keyboardist working together there is a lot going on that you had better put your ears on to really appreciate.In the genre of metal, metalheads always want more,they want it loud,rude,fast,and complicated and that is exactly what Mudface has brought with The Bane Of Existence.”

“Mudface recently popped up on our radar with a level of intensity that hit us right in the face. With the release of their latest record 'The Bane Of Existence' on 03/18/16, we had a lot of questions for the band and knew our readers would want to get to know them a bit better.”

“We, at the National Rock Review tattoo parlor, got a chance to catch up with Chris and Rob for a few beers and shop talk about the album, their live show presence, and the possible new line of facial products by the band. Yes, you read the last part correctly. Anyway, after the read head over to our Twitter or Facebook and let us know your thoughts. Just make sure to follow and ‘Like’ us before you do. We like to spread the love.”

“Cranking up the energy that can only be captured by the sea winds, Mudface brings all the power of metal by the bay. The San Francisco Bay area Metal scene has a long and storied history of spawning some powerful and innovative acts: Metallica, Death Angel, Exodus, Testament and more recently Leviathan & High On Fire. With the release of the grinding single “HellFoot” (see video below), the Bay Area natives of Mudface are ready to carry on that tradition. Their 2nd National album release “The Bane Of Existence”, produced by Sahaj Ticotin (RA) & Bob Marlette (Atreyu, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, Seether) was released on March 18th, 2016.”

“San Francisco has seen no shortage of homegrown metal talent over the years from bands such as Death Angel, Y&T, Exodus, Testament, Vicious Rumors, High on Fire, and of course, Metallica; to name but a very few. Over the last decade, the Bay Area’s bastard sons of thrashy groove metal, Mudface, have been defining and refining their sound. With the release of the band’s sophomore album, The Bane of Existence, the guys have taken a huge step forward, creating a powerful record deserving of widespread attention. Mudface tapped producers Sahaj Ticotin (Ra) and Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper) to help guide them on this record, and the results are outstanding.”

“It is easy to scream into a microphone and call yourself a metal band. For that reason I believe it is a challenge to distinguish yourself in this genre and remain relevant. To bring depth into each song is the challenge and is what allows us to identify the true musicians. That is what Mudface has done with The Bane of Existence. They have proved that metal is alive and well.”

“As is well known, founding member Ted Aguilar has been active for a long time with DEATH ANGEL, whose current band together with EXODUS, LAAZ ROCKIT or also TESTAMENT are among those groups with who MUDFACE has already shared the stage.In the thank you list is next to Ted, also SPIRALARMS-fronter Tim Narducci (who also recorded the album in the Sonic Room studio) as well as drum icon Paul Bostaph (among others Ex-Forbidden and Slayer).They step it up with a murderous portion Groove, a snotty Punk attitude and a healthy dose of heavy rock. In short: “anti” bangs officially, grooves like hell and is extremely heavy. The energy level is amazing, the intensity is sensational, and that’s how it should be! The Sift screamer also does well in his quieter moments, and how he understands it, also proves himself as the “high acrobat” in front of the lord HALFORD. They successfully made the bridge from San Francisco to Oakland as we can hear groove from the first MACHINE HEAD work. Rat”

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“The list of legendary combos, with whom MUDFACE has already been allowed to plow the stages of the world, makes it clear what a huge feat is coming towards us with Anti:" OVERKILL, TESTAMENT, EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL" are only four of the uncountable Combos, that have inspired the Bay-Area-Sound of MUDFACE for the past three years, when they didn't leave one stone on the other with their EP of the same name. With a strong dash PANTERA, a soft KORN-touch at some points and the above-mentioned influence, these guys manage to leave me after the first pass with my jaw dropped and some kick ass attitude, until the fun starts again with the "play" button.The songs are absolutely timeless, varied, and result due to their playfulness in a high degree of listening pleasure. You will not be disappointed by "Anti" and it's another exclamation mark for the Groove-Thrash- Metal. Rating: 8.5 / 10 ”

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“What can I say, but this band is criminally insane. Their raw energy and combined individuality makes these guys a very unique and delightful freak show in the underbelly of what solid heavy metal should look like. Although they all share the same stage, you can focus on even just one musician at a time and get a complete show out of it. It’s a lot to take in all at once as a whole, but as a fan, a lot is what we expect in a show, I think these guys are really on to something special.Chris Dinsmore takes the mic and does all but eats it. His vocals are a mid evil primal scream terrorizing even the Devil himself. His hair whipping and thrashing, about, bringing us back to the days of old as if it were a weapon of metal armor. But the guilty pleasure for me was watching and trying to stay clear of the guitarist Richard Pia, Standing at ground zero and off set of the pit, I witnessed the most outrageous metal works on a guitar since the birth of Sir. Angus Young.”

Zergog Beyond the Realms of Metal KSCU 103.3 - Live show review THE AVALON, Santa Clara, CA

“We cannot believe that this band does not have a platinum album behind them. This is a superb CD from the group out of San Francisco, what's even more surprising is the creativity. None of the songs are boring and they always keep you guessing.”

“Bay Area Mudface."Steering well clear of mediocrity" Think outside the box. Sort of and intelligent Seattle ideology, intertwined with the expected crushing metal mentality. Crossover appeal.Top-notch song writing coupled with excellent production set this CD apart. Exuding strength at every angle.”

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“Mudface unlike most San Francisco bands have a more modern thrash sound. Similar to Machine Head or Death Angel's latest album. They are very dynamic and like to blend their heavy music with the slow and melodic.Mudface sound really good and they are consistent in what they do.”