Muddy Fork Band / Press

“Hey Muddy Fork, what a great sound and awesome musicianship. Your vocals are perfect and powerful. I got the chills when the fiddle bowed in on Cold Cold Ground. Great stuff. russ ”

Blue Mountain Mule - Bluegrass / Americana Roots - reverb

“ Loving your great sounds! Wishing you good luck & all the best from Paul, the UK's & also London’s current No.1 Blues artist!”

Paul Robert Thomas-Blues/Indie/Folk - reverb

“ Hi Cathy, How nice to listen to your wonderful music today! Best as always ~ Frankie”

Frankie O'Rourke - Reverb

“ Lovin' your songs! Great sounds. ”

Aaron Dozer-Rock/Singer/Songwriter - Reverbnation

“ You guys have a great sound, I loved the tracks. Good luck with everything, keep up the good work!! Awesome!! ”

BARAKKA-Folk/World Rock/Folk Rock - Reverbnation

“excellent stuff here- love it - greetz BF”


“Greg Love: "Cold Cold Ground" is compelling! I love your sound...period!”

Greg Love - Reverb

“ Anchorage Alaska - Rock / World Fusion, Tribal / Trip Hop, Celtic, Blues Enjoying your superb music! ”

Anchorage Alaska-Rock/World Fusion,Tribal/Trip Hop,Celtic,Blues - Reverb

“ I listened to "Cold Cold Ground." Great song with a fine story. All the best, Shane ”

Shane Alan Swaim-Singer Songwriter/Bluegrass/Americana - Reverbnation

“ Superb Americana. Really liked Wasting Away which is such a sad song beautifully done. ”

Last day On Earth-Indie/Alt. - Reverbnation

“ I just flat out love everything here. I can close my eyes move the cursor to any song and be completely happy. You're amazing!”

Delaney Simpson - Reverbnation

“ beautiful stuff guys! i'll be back for more listens soon. Cheers! ”

Gareth Jay - Reverbnation

“ Greetings from VA, good stuff ya got there !”

Thomas M. - Reverbnation

“Cap Wilhelm-Safian - Folk / Folk Rock 12/10/2011 2:08 AM You make it so perdy that I almost pine for the cold cold ground.”

Cap Wilhelm-Safian - Reverbnation

“ Took a left at the fork and found some mud, Lol! hope y'all are having a wonderful Christmas season, be blessed. - Bret”

Stephenson Rd. - Stephenson Road

“ Thadeus Project - Rock / Folk Rock rootzy and cool!! respect from chicago. g”

Thadeus Project - Artist/Fan

“ Great sound! I think genuine is the best word to describe it. ”

The Fat Sparrows - Artist/Fan

“Broken Rock - Country / American Outlaw / Swamp Music ya'll sho nuff got it goin on!! keep ya game tight players! mighty fine music! ”

Broken Rock - Artist/Fan

“Andrew Austin - Jazz / Other / Electronica Love your sorta rustic sounds & would love to climb that old tree!! Wishing you all the best, Andrew”

Andrew Austin - Artist/Fan

“Pearl Black - Alternative / Acoustic Rock / purplegrass Thank you so much for the wonderful suprise in my mailbox today! Great cd! I'll take it and share it with my buds!....Pearl”

Pearl Black - Artist/Fan

“ Really refreshing guys!!!! Thank you!!!!!”

Matt"Melodious"Coe/Acoustic - Artist/Fan

“ Hi guys, thanks for your compliments on our music - much appreciated. Thought we'd stop by and have a listen to your stuff...glad we did! Excellent songs and really enjoyed your sound, loving the banjo :) Abbe, Lisa, Hannah XXX”

Sound of the Sirens - Artist/fan

“THe new song is amazing, really like how you get a sense of the tug and pull going on in the relationship. As usual everything about it is spot on. Kudos to MuddyFork folks. Keep Shining! Nancy”

Nancy Wheeler - Fan

“Michael Porschet - Blues / Rock/ Jazz I love your songs, They are great from start to finish...M”

Michael Porschet - Artist/Fan

“ Jordan Danielsen - Alternative / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Rock Such rich recordings!! Very well done! the guitars sound nice and warm as well. Good luck to you all, and have a wonderful 2011 from Iowa!!”

Jordan Danielsen - Artist/Fan

“Jaki Song - Alternative / Electro / Christian I love your music! simply great vocal work!! Thank you for sharing/Jaki Song”

Jaki Song - Artist/Fan


Robert Cox - Fan

“This is fantastic stuff :) I have genuinely just listened to Cold,Cold Ground 4 times! Just wish you guys weren't so far away so we could play together! Keep up the great music... David”

David Welfare - reverbnation

“Thanks for the complement. I listened to your music and find it very much to my liking and haunting. What rich and deep vocals. Great arrangements with the instrumentation. Keep it coming.”

Doc - artist

“Summer Hay is a wonderful tune that reminds me of a summer a long time ago. One of those great songs that can take you back to a fond memory. The melody matches the mood of the song perfectly. I could listen to it over and over. Keep Shining! ”

Nancy - fan

“Love listening to your CD over and over again. There is a story behind each song and your heart and soul is truly heard. That is what makes you all stand out from all the others. Keep it coming, I have a feeling this is just the beginning and some great things will be coming your way. You've got me sold....#1 Fan! ”

Rowan - fan

“The CD arrived today. Love every song. Wonderful lyrics and great pickin'. You guys are all incredibly talented. Looking forward to the next CD already! Keep making beautiful tunes! Smiles, Nancy”

Nancy - fan

“Got an earful of the Muddy Fork tracks - really enjoy the vibe, the good grooves, and the comfortable feeling everyone makes playing together. Enjoyed it a lot.”

Pat Wictor - artist

“Stopping by to listen to one of my fav bands here on RVN these guys are smooth u gotta love them give them a listen sit back close ur eyes and sip ur beer and dream”

The Monks of Sex - artist

“ Hi Cathy (and the rest of the Muddy Fork gang), Thanks so much for stopping by my page and listening to some of my tunes. I ran across you guys several weeks ago and I just LOVE what you all are doing. Great, great stuff! If you ever find yourselves touring to the north east, please let me know! Chris.”

Chris LaVancher - Artist

“A lot of great music coming out of Kentucky...you guys make it! Big fan here in Texas! Love the banjo, harp, vocals great...all of it!”

James - reverb

“Just heard "there she goes" on the NUA show, loved it!!”

Maggie - fan

“That's some finger snapping toe tapping shit right there. Now that's some music there, keep them coming...”

Maggie - fan

“WOW! We love the video! Gotta come visit you and jam together this summer if you'll have us! Thanks for buying my songs!...Pearl”

Pearl Black - Artist

“Cold Cold Ground is monumentally fantastic!”

Pearl Black - artist

“ I absolutely adore your songs. Top work. Much love - ”

The Linton Institute www.myspace.com/candlelitacoustic

“Cheers guys I love the overall sound of your music, but the groove on Dammit Anyhow is particularly awesome Take care ”

Cross The Border

“Love y'alls music - what a great folk sound and great writing. Maybe our paths will cross when we book shows in Indiana. Take care and Happy New Year! ”

Rigney Family Bluegrass

“Hey Guys Great sounds....true and authentic....beautiful fiddle playing... All the very best for 2011... ”

Red Hook Rapids

“ Your music is soulful and well written, enjoyed listening to each of the tracks.”

Tyler Reese Music

“Sittin here sippin my 1st cup,& listening to your wonderfull music! I especially love that banjo on "Wasting Away" reminds me of raindrops! :-)”

Patrick Kindy

“Damn it Man, Give me the shivers, or the willys or something like that. I really like your music. I play an electric autoharp and run it through a DigiTech pedal. I can really get some eerie stuff goin on. If you are ever around Johnson City, Tn. or Bristol, Kingsport make sure you play the "Acoustic Coffeehouse. Really enjoyed ur music.”

no fuss gus

“ Indie-Music Artist Message for Muddy Fork Band Hello, Congratulations, your music has been named an Indie-Music.com Editor's Pick! You may view your listing at http://www.indie-music.com/editorspicks.php Thanks for making great music and being a member of Indie-Music.com ~ Where Serious Musicians Surf! Best, Indie-Music Editors Pick Sent by: admin Sent from: Indie-Music.com http://www.indie-music.com/members”

Indie Music

“It's just a great song and great take all the way around. Kudos to all involved. : )”


“I had the privilege of playing on this track. I really like this song and the way Muddy Fork Band executes it.”

Jeff Guernsey...facebook

“This was a little mesmerizing for me...and a little eerie. I really like it. HAD to watch it twice.”


“Really love the tunes!! I wish you much continued success and happiness in your life and in your music! <3 from Canada :)”


“This cd is so good! I love it!!! I just keep on listening to it all the time.”


“Your tunes are great! Thanks so much for sharing.”


“Very good performance and video!”


“Hey just so you know where I'm coming from, I get quite a few invites to listen to music. Most of the time it wasn't worth the energy to have watched the page come up. But you guys got something real good going on.”


“Thank you for the kind words! Listening to Cold Cold Ground right now, very pleasant! It's rare to find things that are easy on the ear on Reverbnation, certainly a pleasure to hear you! We'll be at Natasha's on February 26th, it'd be great to meet some musicians from down yonder! Thanks again, hope all is well! -Womacks”


“Hey guy's, really enjoyed the songs, dave's barn seems a great place to inspire songs. thanks for your friendship !!”


“Love the Muddy Fork Band-Yellow Sky CD! Can't get Wastin Away out of my head!”


“Jim Jacobs great job on the video.one of my favorite songs on the cd.”


“Tim Wells I just checked you out on Reverbnation. My kind of music for sure!”


“C Bret Campbell just wanted to say we're digging your tunes. http://www.reverbnation.com/stephensonrd”


“Indie Music Lounge Wow...what a band xxxx The Muddy Fork Band is a folk/americana band i just found on reverbnation that is just awesome !!”

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