Mucklers Circle / Press

“Cut throat is the fourth and final track from the selection that I listened to. It follows the same theme as the first three tracks, this is the heaviest hitting track I listened to and one which I think took things to the next level. As always the vocals are strong and brutal, throwing you into the middle of a ferocious pit. The tone is deep and meaningful and kept me wanting more. So conclusion............ I liked the stuff the band were throwing out there, pretty surprised I haven’t heard of these guys before, I liked the way they kept things simple.”

“The first track was called Mucklers Circle. A frantic guitar solo gets the ball rolling, setting the tone for the whole track. A marshalled drum beat controls the tempo, the vocals kicked in and I was pleasantly surprised that despite being heavy and raw, you could still follow everything, and feel involved. Half way through, the tempo changes with another well-constructed guitar solo. There’s an incredible beat all the way through, and the guitar riffs act like a drug, very addictive. The sounds almost unique and I struggled to liken them to any band I had heard before, which is always a good thing. ”

“Eden Shall Burn starts with simple strumming on the guitar, however there’s a real sinister and evil feel about it, distortion surrounds the catchy guitar tune before the roar of the vocals fills the room. I soon found myself throwing my head around, the puncturing drum beat and solid guitar riff is complimented by a surprising softer voice which adds a whole new dimension to the track. Even though the tracks are long, there’s so much going on which just grabs your neck and pulls you in, holding you in place until the track finishes. I liked the contrast between the roaring and softer vocals.”

"Cannons, Train wrecks, Boxes of dishes being kicked down stairs, anything loud & heavy that offends or pisses people off". These are the words that the band used to describe their influence in what they do, pretty strong stuff if you ask me. Hailing from the USA, Heavy Metal is what this five piece band is bringing to the table

““Eden Shall Burn” is absolutely phenomenal.. Again with being influenced by old Metallica and the intro sounding something like “The Thing that Should Not Be”, it doesn’t fail to deliver.. What’s nice to hear is that Bruce has proper breathing technique for his style.. No gasps, no straining.. Nice trailing off… Their trademark tempo changes again are prominent..”

““Here Comes The Pain” and there’s the thrash I was expecting!! Man, they don’t screw around on what they deliver because pain is what this song brings.. Not in the bad way! You just want to jump into the pit and start elbowing.. A bit tough to follow in the way of a beat, sounds more like a jam session but DAMN.. Somewhere around the 2:30 mark you can pick up on a beat and then it’s back to an all-out UFC fight again..”

“Totally LOVING “Our Last Stand”.. The intro is reminiscent of old Metallica… All I can say is that whoever the songwriter(s) is/are, they have some mighty talent.. Not one song has a tempo that stays the same, they’re all over the place.. While some may find it confusing (along the lines of how some people find jazz fusion confusing), I find it refreshing.. Every change compliments the other.. They definitely have appeal to all types of metalheads..”

“I was expecting something COMPLETELY different than what I got when “Behind Enemy Lines” started to stream through my speakers.. I was caught completely off guard.. Looking at this ragtag bunch of guys, I can’t really say for sure what I was expecting.. But from the opening bars I was prepared for in-your-face thrash and instead I got a good solid rock beat with a smooth voice then suddenly morphed into what can only be described as rough and then back again.. Very much like Corey Taylor’s.. Then the drums kicked up like a brutal wind and Bruce was off again with “You don’t even recognize me!”.. Slide into a tasty little riff and here’s the faster thrash I was expecting… Double kicks, screaming, pounding bass… My horns went up faster than the prom queen’s dress… Blistering outro solo, double kicks still going… Smooth vocals again.. and a nice finish..”

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