MtHammer / Press

“…Mt Hammer’s charmingly gritty vocals and reverberating guitar solos enrapture after the first listen….“Icarus” features a riveting guitar-led theme, accented by beautifully soulful lyrics reminiscent of Kurt Cobain…Classically innovative and refreshingly grungy, Mt Hammer is hitting hard.”

““John The Revalator” or “JTR” is a big song with several accompaniment changes, and it stands as the perfect introduction to this quintessential indie album. “Icarus” is another track that showcases the fact that this duo also has a great sense of humor.”

“Earlier this month, a blog post made the rounds on the Internet whining about how bands just don’t rock enough these days. Well, San Francisco duo Mt. Hammer wait about five seconds into their song “JTR” to let folks know that they can and will play angry, fast, and loud. The track eventually settles down a bit for a solid blues-grunge version of traditional gospel track “John The Revalator”, but their strongest moments are when singer Alex McInturff yells and grunts and spits and snorts, like he does on the intro of “JTR” or their track “Icarus”. Mt. Hammer will be playing June 21 at the Red Devil Lounge and July 15 in Santa Cruz. “JTR” and show details are below.”