Tamara Calder (Mz TC) / Press

“The CD is definately going to do well, i am loving it. Its ready and HOT”

Kenny C Robinson - The Kenny C Show- Hot 96 Radio (UK)

“It is a great talent, she has a really raw gift. She brings out work with new talent, powerful and timely sound. It is a blessing thanks for sharing.”

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“Her engaging sound pulls you into a musical world that invites you to listen to lyrics that are potent, clean and laced with a message that you can use as a guide to being a better person. The well-spoken 26 year old hails from very humble beginnings in the Parish of Clarendon where she began singing at a very tender age.... Tamara's talents are undeniable, her songwriting skill is evident in the songs that can be heard on her MySpace page where she calls all those who listen to a clear understanding of the fact that she is a very spiritual person who is on a mission to share the gospel of Christ and promote positive living.”


“A new song by Tamara Calder, Just Like U will definitely satisfy your musical taste buds! Just Like U is infused with lyrics so real as it reaches out to God in true surrender. This musical prayer can be all of our prayers, carried to heaven with the talented voice of Tamara Calder. ”


“Gospel deejay Matthew Blake, more popularly known as Minister Blessed, has released a new track entitled Walk Away Remix. The song, which also features singer Tamara Calder, alludes to a wide range of harmful scenarios — all of which the song's main punch line advises listeners to 'stay away and/or walk away from'. In a release Minister Blessed said the song speaks to 'walking away from bad habits, abusive relationships, harmful situations, and sinful lusts'. Ideally, the song was released in time for Emancipation and Independence, both of which reflect the theme of freedom as the track purports. ”

“I listened to them all and liked them all!! The music is very catchy and it doesn't take long before you find yourself taken with your songs. I pray God's best for you as you serve Him. Blessings”

“Her presentation is professional and polished as she sings, and has the presence of a true star.”