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“Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band - Press Release - Feb. 8 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE - FEBRUARY 8, 2017 MARK STONE AND THE DIRTY COUNTRY BAND TO RELEASE NEW EP THIS APRIL On Saturday, April 1, Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band will release their latest studio endeavor, a compelling new EP entitled ‘Trifecta.’ The aptly-titled collection of songs will mark the band’s third release since its inception in 2012 as Stone’s own solo project. A release party is scheduled in Minneapolis the day of the EP’s debut.”

“Mark Stone: High School Drop out to Band Leader”

““There was a producer in Austin that listened to some of my tracks and he said to me, ‘My advice is, decide what you’re going to do and do it. You’ve got this song that’s harder rock, but I can still feel the country influence in it. And then this song is traditional country. So just make up your mind.’ I thought about his advice for a long time because this is a guy that knows what he’s talking about—making a living directing people what to do in music—but I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to take his advice… it wasn’t for me. I don’t think people listen to music the same way that they used to. The Zac Brown Band is currently No. 1 on rock radio with Heavy is the Head, a song that he sang with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. So I felt like there might be something to the exploration that I’ve been doing.””

“These guys have a very cool unique style that you won’t find much anywhere else. Their mixture of southern rock, alternative, and country is like no other. You will be impressed with their great melodic structures and emotional turnovers. The aggressiveness of their originality is something quite amazing to behold. Every piece of every song is very well constructed and a very interesting listen. http://mmm.guidesofart.com/mark-stone-the-dirty-country-band-the-aggressive-southern-explosion/”

“Being a working musician is an attainable goal, but I’m not going to blow smoke up anyone. It gets harder and harder to do with the passing of time, and you will most likely have to find a few music-related things to make it work. If you truly love music, there is no other occupational pursuit that will give you the same satisfaction, and you’ll need the experience and insight that wearing those other hats will give you if you ever want to succeed. Bottom line: you can’t do it all yourself. Very few people just shy of no one have ever made it in the music business alone. You need to build a team. There are only so many paid opportunities out there, and even if you land a good one, you’ll most likely need more than one. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Your questions and comments are welcome: mst0ne@me.com markstonemn.com @mst0ne on Twitter or twitter.com/mst0ne Facebook facebook.com/markstonemn”

“Mark Stone & The Dirty Country Band - Whiskey Talkin' Let's keep it heavy now. Not in volume but in tone. Mark Stone may call his band the Dirty Country Band, but this ain't country. It's downright dirty and gritty southern-fried blues rock. Less Hank II and more like Ripple favorites Wes Ford and the Foundry. Big guitars, whiskey-stained vocal chords, chapped leather, biker chains and tattooed babes. Cigarette smoke hangs heavy over the bar, brass knuckles fill the pockets. Bad decisions are made and lips get bloodied. Join in on this bar fight. http://www.reverbnation.com/mst0ne/song/18051717-whiskey-talkinep-version”

“97.7 KCRR ‏@977KCRR @mst0ne Great Tune!!! A mix of Skynyrd and Dio. I love the mix of harder Country and Active Rock.”

“A fine tension: Self-expression, good taste and censorship: Censorship has famously impacted many musicians—often with surprising results. Infamy can be good PR, but what does your audience expect and want? How can you work around censorship, without compromising your ideas?Mark Stone thinks that the effects of censorship have changed with the music industry—and the internet is less of a free-for-all than many claim. Nikki Sixx of Motley Crüe actually thanked the Parent Music Resource Committee for making them put a [Parental Advisory] sticker on “Shout At The Devil” album because it boosted their sales. I'm not sure it has the same effect on today's marketplace. If you think of each social networking site as a community, your song with adult content might be banned for language or nudity depending on the network. It could be reported as offensive by a member of that community limiting your exposure there. I see more musicians keeping it clean using the art of suggestion doing”

“Songwriting tools: low tech Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band Of course, songwriting assistance needn’t require a USB charger! The help that you need may come in the form of another person. Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band play original, amped up country music with an edge. Stone has found the internet quite useful for songwriting, but as a means of connecting with others. Personally, I've found that it makes collaboration quite a bit easier you can bounce ideas off each other via the internet send tracks to each other.”

“Whiskey Talkin' I would say more of the rock with some blues guitar than a country song, unlike what I think of as a classic rock song it's not as fast and upbeat. With the blues style guitars it gives another feel about the song, and the actual riffs are amazing. There's also a familiarity to them, something that after a long time and listening to a lot of sounds I found the familiarity in Bon Jovi. It's not the whole song I found the similarity just the catchy guitar riffs. There's a great vocal range though out the song, more than I was expecting to be honest. In the rare times I've listened to this style of music I'd found the vocals can often be lacking, but Mark's voice is really good, making the lyrics clear and stand out against the music its self. Lyrics is this a story of a man in love with the alcohol or not? I find it hard to tell. Over all I enjoyed the song, it wasn't something I got bored of as I had it on repeat but I wouldn't have called it country by any means.”

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect before listening to these songs, I had my thoughts on what I was in for, but I’m pleased to say that my expectations were exceeded after having listened to all six tracks. I was expecting a dirty hard rocking roadhouse band, but I got some terrific well written songs that really did blend many more modern rock styles with country influence like I’ve never heard before, going from “heartland rock” to heavy grungy roadhouse blues and not caring what listeners think. I look forward, as I recommend others should, for the full album when it comes out.”

“Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band describe their sound as what “A Honky Tonk Bar Brawl Between the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alice in Chains Would Sound Like. Turning Southern Rock to 11 one gig at a time.” Mark Stone is the lead Singer Guitar Player and mad scientist behind Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band and the creator of #Gruntry.”

“You have a cool sound(reminded me instantly of something similar to GNR), I like the catchy songs and you obviously know how to write.”

“Introduction to the World http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRHOt5K9mfA”

“Sahpreem A. King @SahpreemKing ( @mst0ne ) Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band- Whiskey Talkin'-It puts me in an early STP state of mind. Love the lyrics and the song. It sounds like the track needs to be mastered. I can rock out to this song! Something I will add to my workout mix. I would love 2 see this as an up tempo song its got FIRE!!! The song has a ton of appeal but the vocals blend too much with the track so I can't enjoy the lyrics as much as I like. Great song! (When I told him I was in the studio recording "The Sequel" He finished saying) Sahpreem A. King @SahpreemKing @mst0ne I think you would be a GOD in that space. You have the vocal chops and right type of lyrics to do it with ease and style. Mark Stone @mst0ne @SahpreemKing I'm most at home in the studio or on the stage I live to do this and I appreciate your opinion means a lot to me Thank You Sahpreem A. King mentioned you Sahpreem A. King @SahpreemKing @mst0ne Your music and talent mean”

“BestMusicNews4uRadio @BestMusicNews4U Mark Stone( @mst0ne)and the Dirty Country Band Country Rock - "Whiskey Talkin'" bit.ly/1cHe353 Just Simple, well done Kick ASS Rock! #BMN4U #Influence”

“Check out this great new interview with rising country talent Mark Stone.”

“MADAME OF MUSIC ‏@OfMadame onTwitter @mst0ne "I Won't Miss You MN" Great song:-)) great voice ; )”

“Whiskey Talkin @mst0ne Swampy southern rock with big voice! Great sound..... Chorus is killer”

“Name: Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band Email: mst0ne@me.com 1. How many of your band members contribute to the song writing process? Explain what each member contributes to this process. Your answer: I'm the only writer currently but I hope to collaborate with some new members in Texas 2. Let us say that you have been just signed by a major label and they say time to move 2500 miles. Now what, would you be able to move? Your answer: Yep, I'm very mobile. I live in the big Turd(RV) 3. How long does it take for an average song to go from a musical idea to a recordable song? Your answer: I usually demo my ideas on Garageband I still have things demoed from 10 years ago and I've got things I'm recording in the studio now I just wrote weeks ago it's very subjective. My last effort on iTunes was about showing some diversity in 6 songs this next release will be more focused 4. What is your favorite local venue? Your answer: First Avenue 5. Have you ever paid for advertising for”

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“Mark Stone's voice is true to the custom of heavy metal frontman yet it distinguishes itself with less morning and much more soul in the greater scheme of things Stone's vocal manner is perfect for expressing the virtues of unconditional love -James Cook ”

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“Jerry Rutherford-The singer with the caliber of Ray Gillen Sebastian Bach and make my sisters machine: Nick Pollack cross pollination”

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“Symposium #3 mark stone aside from being a 100% down to earth guy rages. Just plain sings his balls off a real talent.”

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