Ms. Fridrich / Press

“There isn’t a bum track out of the ten, but a few especially stand out: “Hearts Intact” is a burst of infectious, Sara Bareilles-ish pop, and album closer “Borrow Love”—which features some guest guitar work from Gary Prince—shows off both Sarah Fridrich’s pipes and jazz background."”

"This collection of piano pop-rock immediately brings to mind moody chanteuses like Fiona Apple and Amanda Palmer thanks to Fridrich’s expressive voice and insane proficiency on the keys (she’s a trained jazz pianist). The other half of the duo known as Ms. Fridrich, Dan Marcellus, contributes facebreaking drums; at their best, the two have a sound that fills every corner of the room."

“From a review of the song "The Bills": "I’m now listening to my second song from Ms. Fridrich and I know that I’m going to love this album. I don’t even want to finish writing this review I just want to go buy it."”

“Sarah Fridrich is an Annapolis native who has been lighting up stages up and down the East Coast. Her jazz-inflected singer-songwriter style, infused with indi-pop, draws rave reviews”

“A D.C. singer-songwriter who gives superlatives a workout: sultry, unhurried, stirring and alluring ... lyrically descriptive, sincere, emollient and vocally enchanting”

"Anxious pianos and confident vocals burst into satisfying hooks. The songs, while ostensibly pop, take more guidance from the Tom Waits school of slanted enchantment than the Brill Building...."

"She comes across as a failed pop star, but not in a bad way ..."

"I’ve now listened to this album about a million times. “You Call That Brave” is easily way far out in the lead for my favorite album of 2011 and I don’t know how anything is going to beat it. There’s no way this isn’t in my Top 3 of the year. No possible way. Ms. Fridrich is the real deal."

"...earbuds just don’t do these expansive arrangements justice."