Deborah J. / Press

“Here’s a really dope track that mixes hip hop and soul and go-go all into one really refreshing piece. I look forward to hearing more from Deborah J in the future.”

"... this songstress delivers a dose of hip/hop, a dash of R&B, with just a smidge of singer/songwriter to create an album that may remind some of a young Lauren Hill."

“She is honest. Her music is consistent with her style of transparency as well. “Perfect People” is upbeat, positive and enjoyable to say the least.”

“I’ve enjoyed writing for a long time. I was once too timid to sing or perform, but during undergrad, I became more comfortable with being on stage.”

“You are very active in the community and stand for a lot of great causes. You are very empowering for women...”

“MIL Next To Blow: February 2011”

“Deborah Meadows Julien, class of ‘05, has taken another important step in her quest to become a successful entertainer... read more...”