“Much respect homie!!! Truth be told I learned alot from you in the begining when I first moved back to Xenia and for the knowledge you have givin me homie, I thank you! Forever a supporter of Mr.UNSTABLE and or Timothy Tackett as a father! Keep doing your thing brother.”

“@Mr_UNSTABLE same my nig! Yal stage show was coooo as fuck. I'm a supporter of felatio on stage always lol”

“@Mr_UNSTABLE much luv n respect back at u brotha thanks for the hospitality n good performing with u for real!”

“Shouts out to Mr.UNSTABLE, he had the most entertaining show when we were in Columbus, Ohio.”

“Omg I just want to say you are so hot and I love your voice!! No joke. You are the best rapper I know of.”

“original and personal rap music. enjoyed it!”

“Pow!! Jack O Lantern, Horror Flicks and Hangman just killed me! And you got yourself some wicked barbies too! Totally cool!!”

“I'm sure Mr.UNSTABLE can't be stopped by a mere straight jacket”


“When I first saw Mr.UNSTABLE perform live, I loved him! Then I got to meet him and Dr.SKiTZ0. I fell in love with them!”

“Mr.UNSTABLE is the Alien, the Myth, the Legend”

"I respect you & people need to know how parts of this world see you & see what you have to put up with, & are still able to rock the roof off of your shows without being shook at what haters say."

“I don't give a fxxk if your a Juggalo, Catholic, Democrat, Misfits fan or Whatever. I make fun of everyone equally if you haven't noticed. Tackett you need to grow a vagina and stop snorting Faygo.”

“If you haven't heard about or seen the youtube video of the guy taking a bath in a Burger King sink, you haven't been watching the news What you may not know, is he's an amazing rapper AND I just produced his upcomming record! Check out Mr. UNSTABLE "Horror Flicks" Production By ...Rob Kleiner. Recorded at Studio Edison.”

“Maybe it was fate. Tackett had been incubating a rap career for years, performing under pseudonyms like Ork-0, Dr, 0RKGAzM & currently Mr.UNSTABLE. This incident provided the 15 minutes of fame he needed to get his name off the ground, & Tackett is hoping to ride the wave to stardom. "I'm trying not to be 'the Burger King guy that bathed in the sink,' " he said. Tackett was incredibly difficult to reach for this interview, due to a relentless media blitz. In between performing, recording his new album & being interviewed on his local TV news & "radio stations from Florida to Canada," he lost his voice. "If I was a normal person, this would be horrible," he said. "But I do music, & I'm an extravagant guy anyway."”

“You are the future of hip hop, if it is to survive to the end of the century: the basics of beat and voice surrounded by all kinds of weird musical ideas, costumes and multi-media on a level that Barnum and Bailey would have found impressive. Oh yes and really fucked-up words.”

"HORROR FLICKS" is proof that you are a philosopher of eminence. This record is a hit. A note to the blind: open your eyes and be apprised of light. Get 'EM Mr.UNSTABLE!

Kenny Perry - Kenny Perry, Washington, DC

“'Mr.UNSTABLE' owns this horror themed Sic Hop. Excellent production throughout 'his' songs, great attention to the details & professional arrangement of the instruments. We would also like to point out that 'the' mixing skills are also on point. Not crazy about 'the name' though, don't think it does 'the music' justice & it doesn't live up to 'his' creativity. The pumpkin patch girls are a great idea too. Our favourite cut was 'I HOPE THEY SMOKE WEED IN HELL', some great lyrics & that pattern rapping has got some great funky syncopation happening; also, 'He' don't over use the vocal effects & it's got a catchy chorus"”

"A Double Minded Man is Unstable in All His Ways" -James 1:8