Mrs Mangle / Press

“Mrs Mangle's New album gave me cancer.”

Drum Media

“Mrs Mangle Sydney pub tour 2011 Lock up your pet goats & daughters.”

Mangle press - Drum media

“All future lawsuits are null & void. ”

Judge judy. - Mangle Vs God

“The best underground band in sydney.”

Drum media - Drum media

“Mrs Mangle is the worst thing since sliced bread. i demand more”

Rolling Stone - Rolling Stone

“mrs mangle on triple j unearthed. ”

“Mrs Mangle play STARWARS George Lucas demands cash.”

Mangle News - Mangle News

“Mrs Mangle Loves the Formula one. Mark Webber is a Champion.”

Dean - Mangle News.

“MRS MANGLE is a 3 piece from West Sydney. Enjoy the songs and show some support. Mrs Mangle like to eat well .”