M.R. Poulopoulos / Press

“M.R. Poulopoulos is a songwriter with a poet’s nerve and a sharp eye for the telling detail. His latest album, Greenhorn, is like the distilled dream of a man alone at a roadside tavern: stories of recollection, regret, and warmth.”

Dan Johnson - Singer/Songwriter - Artist Quote

“I love everything about [Greenhorn], everything about it just sounds effortless and genuine… from the songwriting, to the vocal performances, to the arrangements, to the production quality. It all just sounds completely immediate, connected, and real.”

Danny Schmidt - Singer/Songwriter - Artist Quote

“Curious, yet controlled Poulopoulos feels his way through each song like one might find his way through the dark – slowly and carefully. That attention to detail is what defines – and ultimately shines through…”

“Poulopoulos is a literate songwriter and his gentle approach puts a sharp focus on his words and voice. Tunes like ‘Hummingbird’ (with fiddler Mat Kane) and ‘Tender Massacre’ lull. John Rice’s slide guitar keens against Poulopoulos’ finger-picking. The result isn’t blues or country, although it’s informed by both. It is mesmerizing… Poulopoulos proves that roots rock doesn’t have to ‘rock’ to be effective. Make no mistake, this is not sleepy music, but it has a welcome maturity and thoughtfulness.”