Mr Pity / Press

“Broken Arms The song is both potent and passionate. An eye and ear opener - to those with eyes and ears and to those who will, I pray, acquire them. Thanks to Mr. Pity some may just well awaken when hearing and seeing this.”

M. Fugazi - Harry Hamed site

“A short message to let you know that "Israeli Wall" is a huge hit at the University of Utah where I attend. Keep up the good work!”

Rose - Mr Pity Site

“great job u are doing..I support u till the end :)”

Murhaf - Mr Pity Site

“Awesome lyrics...we are with you, got you guys in my heart all day for sure, much much love for those who sacrifice and fight in the face of oppression... ”

Khalid - Mr Pity Site

“Thanx for this powerful song "Israeli wall". More powerful than tanks.. I'am glad that Morocco has a person like you ...you gonna amaze millions of moroccans . ”

Sayid - Sayid

“Mr Pity is the Rock Music with Harry's Soul!!!..it is why it is so good.. ”

Marta - Mr Pity Site

“You are great... regards from Iran....”

Yashar - Mr Pity Site