MrMiMe / Stefan Grant / Press

“MrMIME spent time holed up in a Berkeley studio (the same one where Green Day recorded its Grammy-winning "Dookie" album) working on their just released 'Bleed". The Bay area Band, whose riff-loaded alt-rock/punk fusion was first hammered out in a garage in the seaside town of Pacifica, is gearing up for the summer. Sample tracks at www.reverbnation.com/mrmime.”

Bill Picture - San Francisco Chronicle

“Mr. Mime mixes the punch of Green Day with the groove of grunge to deliver a sound that's radio ready.”

Paul W. - SF Bay Guardian

“MrMIME delivers a power pop alternative sound and some great rocking guitar. The music went over big in the house. This is one mime that you won't hate...lol.”

Charlotte - SF ReView

“Vampire Diaries Night Have a rockin' scary time listening to the sounds of local (original) artists. Neurotrash, Ring Children Addison Redline, Mr MIME, John Enghauser Band, Sweedish”

“ Monique ROCKER MO Always a great time at the Red Devil Lounge. I really loved the opening band, Sweedish! Original music. Great sound! Mr. Mime rocked as usual. As did Neurotrash and Addison Redline. There were some vamps in the house, including myself and my co-org, Kim. We rocked the place. Can't wait until the next series. ”

Monique - Bay Area Live Music Scene