MaG / Press

“Born and raised in Bronx, New York, “MAG” J. Daniels is producing hip-hop without all the “extra stuff” people sometimes associate with the hip-hop culture. During a recent interview, “MAG” describes his music as “honest”, making it a practice to only speak on things he’s seen or done firsthand. “MAG” explains, “the best way to keep the integrity of any art form is being honest”. Having said this, “MAG” uses everyday life as his inspiration, from love and relationships to the world around us. Fans respect “MAG’s” honesty and passion because it makes them feel as though they can relate. “MAG” shares, “I struggle and work hard just like anybody else, except I have a platform to speak from where most others don’t”. “MAG” takes his art very seriously, and it shows... ”

“A finalist in the 2008 Independent Music Awards, MaG is an MC to be on the lookout for. Born in the birth place of hip-hop, this Bronx bred MC began his career at the age of 18. 7 years later, MaG is an artist who carefully constructs each of his verses so that each word has value. Not a punch line artist MaG makes me music that speaks to everyone. Recently MaG released the mixtape Reagonomics and is the winner of DJ Green Lantern's Sonicbids Mixtape Competition and landed a highly desired spot on Green Lantern's Alive on Arrival mixtape. Check out "Sumthin' to C" for a glimpse of his soulful, poignant rhymes.”

Jason Kordich - URB.com